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Shower Renovation Ideas To Inspire

The bathroom is probably one of the most vital facilities in any given person’s home. It’s a place where every member of the family visits daily for various reasons. Therefore, you should ensure that your bathroom looks great and is fully functional. To ensure that your bathroom is in good shape, you need to perform regular renovations when necessary. This ensures that your bathroom is working effectively and updated according to current trends.

Before you undertake bathroom renovations, it’s good to know the best way to do the job. This article looks at a few of the best shower renovation ideas. However, before diving into that, let’s look at some of the primary reasons to perform a bathroom remodel.

Why Perform Shower Renovations?

You should not perceive shower renovations as an additional expense. Instead, think of the renovation as an investment because of the many long-term benefits that come with it. Here are the significant reasons to undertake a shower renovation in your home.

Enhances your enjoyment and relaxation

Your bathroom should not only be a place where you take a shower but should also be a place to relax. You can renovate your bathroom to make it a more comfortable and relaxing place for you. You do not necessarily have to perform costly renovations to transform your facility into a haven for you to relax. Small changes can bring a significant difference to this room.

Some small changes you can incorporate include changing colours and patterns to make your space look larger. You can also upgrade the shower heads or install several of them to make the shower more attractive.

Improves the appearance of your shower

A shower renovation has an overall effect on your bathroom’s appearance as it leaves it looking great. However, you must understand that appearance is not necessary if your bathroom is not functional, so you have to mix the two. A nice-looking shower also makes the space comfortable and relaxing for you to spend time in. Generally, an appealing shower also makes your entire facility look great to your visitors.

Makes your bathroom spacious

Space is critical on many levels since you don’t want to feel constrained when taking a shower. You don’t want to touch the walls and other fixtures as you shower, either. With a spacious shower, you are also guaranteed to feel more comfortable while inside.

To make your bathroom more spacious, you could switch out components and fixtures. You do not necessarily have to add physical space. Instead, you can swap your fixtures for more efficient ones that don’t take a lot of space. More efficient shower components also make your space look larger.

Enhances your home’s value

Shower remodelling boosts your entire home’s value. With a well-remodelled bathroom, you can expect your house to find a high price when you list it for sale. You should know that the bathroom is one of the facilities home buyers look for when considering a home to buy. With an appealing shower, your home will fetch a high price and get potential buyers quickly. This reduces the stress of selling your property and your property marketing costs. Thus, shower renovation is a real investment that offers a good return.

Improves your bathroom’s cleanliness

A renovated shower allows you to clean it more effectively. Your space will be more organised, making it easy to clean. Additionally, there is also a psychological aspect in that you feel more motivated to clean the shower once it’s renovated to your desired look.

Makes your bathroom energy efficient

Another great benefit of renovating your shower is that it makes the facility more energy efficient. Updating old fixtures with new efficient ones reduces your water and electricity bills. Most modern bathroom fixtures use less power and are more efficient; thus, they add to your bathroom’s functionality.

Top Shower Renovation Ideas

Now that you know all the benefits you get from renovating your shower, it’s good to know how to undertake the renovations to get the best results. With the high costs involved in bathroom renovations, you must think outside the box and look for smart and less costly options. You can also perform cheap shower renovations and still get high-quality results. Less expensive renovations can also produce excellent results and add value to your home.

Below are some bathroom ideas that you can apply to your space.

Install tub and shower combos

You can install various tub and shower combos during the bathroom renovation process. Here are some of the options available for you to choose from.

  • Enclosed shower and tub combo: A shower and tub combo is a bathroom idea if you like taking showers, but you don’t have enough space to have the two in your bathroom. The combo has a tub with a bathroom shower head fixture and can have various configurations. It is a great renovation idea if there are kids in your home who require a safe place to bathe or older members who cannot stand for a long time. This is the best shower renovation idea that helps accommodate distinct needs.
  • Shower combo and clawfoot tub: A clawfoot tub and shower combo look the same as a freestanding bathtub. However, the clawfoot tub usually rests on four feet. They are viewed as classic, timeless, and are usually deeper and larger than other styles of tubs. This makes for an excellent choice for a master bath.
  • Garden tub and shower combo: A garden tub and shower combo include an oval-shaped soaking tub featuring a shower head fixture.

Install a walk-in shower

If you don’t have a walk-in shower, you can decide to install one during the renovation process. There are different types of walk-in showers you can install in your master bathroom, including:

  • Square or rectangular shower: This is the most popular shower option to install in your bathroom. It offers high-level versatility, allowing you to fit in your bathroom regardless of size. The shower has four corners on each side; you can place it at the centre or end of your bathroom. You also have the option to custom-build it to allow it to fit your bathroom size.
  • Corner shower: This is a great shower renovation idea to apply if you have limited space in your bathroom. The shower will fit perfectly in the corner of your bathroom and has two wall panels and two to three glass enclosures. The good thing is that corner showers don’t need partitions and can fit effectively into a vanity.
  • Curved shower: Like corner showers, curved showers feature a round shape. This is a fantastic option if you have a bathroom with odd dimensions.
  • Round shower: This shower looks the same as the curved shower; however, it does not take a corner and is more circular. The round shower requires ample space and is freestanding. They are perfect if you want to make your facility look more modern.

Create more storage

During shower renovation, you can decide to add more storage where you can store your bathroom accessories and products, including conditioners, shampoos, and other hair products. You can also add built-in wall niches for a dedicated space to store your products. The storage space added takes the place of shower shelves or soap dishes, making your facility more functional.

Install skylight or windows

Another way to make your shower more functional and relaxing is by allowing natural light to get in. The best way to allow natural light into your shower is by installing a window near or in the shower. The window also adds design appeal and enhances ventilation. You can include shutters, vinyl blinds, textured glass, and tinted film if you want more privacy.

Installing a skylight is an excellent method to allow more light into your shower. If you cannot install a window, you can opt for recessed lighting. Recessed lighting can shine over a larger space and is available in many styles, giving your shower a modern look and adding to your home’s value.

Add a seat

You can add a seat to bring a sleek design and comfort to your shower. If you don’t have enough space for a tub, add a shower seat for kids or older adults. This is a great way to improve safety as you bathe. Besides, with a shower seat, your space also becomes more relaxing for you to spend more time having a relaxing shower or bath after a long day.

Raise the ceiling for improved air circulation

Air circulation is an excellent feature of any bathroom. If your bathroom doesn’t have the proper ventilation or windows, mildew and mould can grow on the walls because of high humidity. This is far from appealing as it might also make your bathroom warm and sticky. To allow for bathroom ventilation, you can raise the ceiling to allow steam to move where it will be ventilated outside your house.

Upgrade shower tiles

The tiles you pick for your bathroom help bring your space together. As you choose what will look great, go for a tile colour scheme matching the theme and aesthetic of your cabinets and vanity. When selecting your subway tiles, don’t use more than three tiles of a similar colour palette in your space to help limit distractions. During the selection process, you should consider different tile sizes.

Mix and match the smaller and larger tiles between the accent tiles, flooring, and backsplash to create interest. Shower tile size is vital in shower renovation because it brings a calming or chaotic effect depending on the application. Avoid using large tiles on the walls as they make the bathroom look too busy and cut down on grout lines, making cleaning hard. Then, use 2 inches tiles for your shower floor to help prevent cracks.

The tile shape is also critical as you renovate your shower. Using floor tiles with curved or round edges, such as penny or pebble stone tiles, is advisable. Tiles with sharp or straight edges are uncomfortable on feet, so avoid them. You should also select shower tiles fitting your lifestyle. Ceramics and porcelain tiles are easy to maintain. Don’t use glass tiles for the floor because they are usually slippery when wet.

Some tile options to choose from for your shower include granite, ceramic, slate, porcelain, travertine, limestone, and marble. During the renovation, you should also select shower tiles matching your personality. For instance, white subway shower tiles are a great choice because of their rectangular shape and clean look. Thus, you can install them in various patterns. For your shower floor, go for pebble floor tiles since they offer the proper traction and are more appealing.

Install new doors

You may also want to have new shower doors installed during the renovation. There are different types of shower doors that you can install. Choose the one that will make your shower more appealing, depending on your taste, while also preserving its functionality. Here are the different types:

  • Sliding doors: Also referred to as bypass doors, sliding doors feature two to three panels sliding along a track to allow for easy manoeuvring. You can install a sliding door if you have shower combos or a small bathroom.
  • Hinged doors: They are also referred to as pivot doors. The doors open from one corner and work best for openings too narrow for a sliding door to be installed. Some hinged door models can swing outward and inward.
  • Barrier-free doors: Barrier-free doors feature a fixed door panel other than the actual door. The panel separates your shower space from the rest of the area. It ensures that no water spray escapes, and the design is excellent in making your space look bigger.
  • d shower doors: These doors are used for round or curved showers.

Install new shower heads

During the shower renovation process, you can also change the shower heads for those that best suit your needs. There are different variations of shower heads to choose from, including:

  • Single spray shower head: This is the most basic shower head you can invest in for your shower renovation. It is more cost-effective, features a single spray function, and is not adjustable.
  • Adjustable shower head: Adjustable shower heads offer high-level versatility and have around three to twelve spray patterns depending on the model you choose. It offers different pressure options, ranging from low to high. This shower head is a fantastic option for your guest bathroom.
  • Handheld shower head: This is a type of shower head that can be detached from the holder. This allows you to move the shower head around as you bathe. It’s a great shower head if you have kids.
  • Dual shower head: As the name suggests, it comes with two shower heads. It also has multiple spray options and a handheld shower head.
  • High-pressure shower head: This shower head is an excellent option if you enjoy deep cleaning. Its high-pressure feature makes you feel like you are having a massage in the shower, offering a great relaxing experience for you.
  • The rain shower head: The rain shower head is an attractive option and can be installed in multiple ways, such as by mounting it to the wall or ceiling. It works by pouring water straight down with a single low-pressure spray.
  • Filtered shower head: These showerheads are becoming popular because they feature in-built filtration systems that remove impurities from the water. It’s an excellent option for your skin and hair as it leaves your body feeling nourished.
  • LED shower head: You can integrate an element of smart home tech during the shower renovation by installing LED shower heads. These shower heads feature several settings and change colour depending on the temperature. This is a costlier idea; however, it’s worth the high price.

Other Simple Shower Renovation Ideas

Here are some other simple shower renovation ideas you can apply and get great results.

Use less costly look-like materials

You can save a significant portion of money by retaining and refurbishing your existing shower materials. If you have to change the materials, less costly alternatives can give your bathroom an excellent look. For instance, you can use luxury vinyl flooring instead of real wood plank flooring. In modern times, vinyl flooring looks more excellent than previous floorings. Creative innovations like plank vinyl flooring or luxury vinyl flooring also look great at a distance.

High-definition quartz and laminate countertops also look as great as granite countertops, making them another great option. Besides, porcelain tile and faux stone ceramic backsplashes can also look like marble and travertine, so you can also use them.

Paint wooden floors

If you have a shower with a wooden floor, you can cover it with moisture-hardy floorings like sheet vinyl, tile, or luxury vinyl plank. You can also save energy, time, and money by painting your wooden floor using protective enamel. Note that solid hardwood should never be your first option for your shower flooring. However, if you already have it, painting is a great way to make it look better and more long-lasting.

Refinish your tub instead of replacing it

You should only consider total bathtub replacement as the last option when doing a bathroom renovation. Instead, the best option for you is to refinish or reline your tub. Shower or bathtub refinishing is a great way to make your facility look more appealing. It’s a cosmetic procedure that will make your shower look newer. Another great idea is to use shower and bathtub liners, although they don’t offer permanent solutions.  

Touch up the tub instead of refinishing it

Another excellent shower renovation idea is to perform a tub touch-up. If your bathtub has gouges, nicks, or peeling paint, but you don’t want to refinish the whole surface, you can decide to spot-fix the tub. You can apply some touch-up products like Super Glue’s white porcelain repair.

Refresh the cabinets with new hardware

Purchasing and installing brand new cabinets is often costly. Refreshing is a new, less expensive way to give your shower cabinets a new life. You can remove the old hardware and replace it with new hardware. To ensure that the process is easier before buying the new hardware, ensure that its screw alignment matches the holes of your current cabinets. This ensures that you don’t have to drill new holes.

Installing new tiling

One of the costliest options for renovating a shower is hiring a professional to build a custom tile shower from scratch. Although site-built showers and tubs are elegant and unique, you can opt for a prefabricated unit that will cost you less. If you want a tiled shower, you can fuse a poly shower pan that will save on costs and hassle. Building a tiled shower is time costly and should only be done by professional bathroom designers.

Avoid moving major plumbing

As you renovate your bathroom, you may be tempted to move the major plumbing, which makes the job more complicated. A great idea is to avoid moving the major plumbing by leaving the components that would be affected in their current position. If their current locations meet your needs, you don’t have to move them.

Note that moving the drainage or water supply adds to the overall cost of the shower renovation. In the event, you need to relocate any of the plumbing components, make sure you hire a plumber since a small mistake can leave your entire bathroom dysfunctional.

Get High-Quality Shower Renovation Results

You should work with professional bathroom designers in your area for high-quality shower renovation results. The designers have all the skills required to work on your shower and ensure you get highly customised results and improve the overall value of your home.

They can offer you great advice on the best way to meet your shower renovation needs at a cost matching your budget. With their vast knowledge of the industry, you can expect to get timeless shower renovation ideas that will help make your home the focal point for many years. The most important thing is to ensure that you hire a bathroom company with a good reputation and experience in the industry.

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