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Get Bathroom Heating Installed

Is your bathroom colder than all other rooms in your home? Nothing is as annoying as shivering as you wait for the water to warm up. This is definitely not the kind of experience anyone wants to experience in what is supposed to be a relaxing and pleasurable environment. Luckily, you don't need to worry because you can install a bathroom heater and make your space more comfortable.

There are different types of heaters you can install in your bathroom. Bathroom heaters come in different sizes and designs, so you can choose the one that works perfectly for your specific needs. This article looks at the various bathroom heating options you can install in your home.

Types Of Bathroom Heaters

Here are some of the bathroom heaters you can install in your space.

Portable space heaters

Space heaters are cost-effective heat solutions that you can invest in to improve your bathroom. They are effective if you want a short-term heating solution for your facility. As a bonus, you can use portable bathroom space heaters to heat different spaces since you can place them in one room to another.

With space heaters, you need to plug them in and direct them to the space you want to heat. They are available in varying sizes, shapes, and capacities, so you are spoilt for choice as you settle on the top one for your bathroom. With the many options available, it is crucial to get one based on your bathroom size, budget, and needs.

As you look for a space heater for your bathroom, you should also consider several other factors, such as shutoff features, a strong cord, certification, and others, according to your space heating needs.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating offers a more energy-efficient way to heat your bathroom space. Also referred to as radiant floor heaters, they deliver heat from a source of heat (could be hot water or electricity) to all cold areas. The heat is moved through electrical resistance plastic pipes or wires. This way, the heat is then transferred to your bathroom floors. You can then comfortably walk barefooted after taking a shower without feeling cold.

The underfloor heating system offers more consistent heating than most other options. Additionally, it also heats your entire space evenly. The heaters are suitable for small and large bathrooms. If you intend to undertake a bathroom renovation, radiant floor heating should be your go-to option for your space.

Wall heaters

If you have a small bathroom, wall heaters are the best option for you. These heaters blend effectively with your bathroom walls, making them a great choice as they do not interfere with your bathroom décor. In addition to warming your bathroom, wall heaters are also helpful in preventing damp walls and the growth of mould.

You can attach your wall heater using permanent screws or hinging so that you can move it when required. When installing a wall heater into your bathroom, ensure that the surrounding area does not have explosive objects. Some of these objects include plastic or paper products, flammable liquids, or curtains.

Additionally, it is advisable not to put anything within three feet of where you install it. As a plus, wall heaters are less costly since they do not use a lot of electricity. This, in turn, means cheaper utility bills.

Ceiling heaters

Ceiling heaters are installed on bathroom ceilings. This installation makes them safe since they don't pose any threats inside your bathroom. With these heaters, your bathroom is heated with a fan, bulb, or both of them. Ceiling heaters are your best option if your space is limited and does not allow the addition of other appliances. Moreover, they are efficient heating options since they are installed in a discreet location.

Ceiling heaters are costlier than most other heaters; however, they have better performance regarding safety and heating. They are also more long-lasting and cheaper than wall heaters.

Heat lamps

Heat lamps offer light and heat by use of an incandescent light bulb. They are energy efficient since they don't use more than 200 to 250 watts of power. The lamps can last up to around five years and are a great solution if you have a small bathroom. Additionally, they work fast, so you don't have to waste time or fight the cold while waiting for your space to be warm.

Heat lamps are available in various styles and sizes. Consequently, you can opt to mount it on your bathroom wall, put it on a stand or integrate it with your exhaust fan. Generally, heat lamps are mounted on the ceiling to offer heat and light to your bathroom. If you place it on a stand, make sure to keep your clothes and towels away to avoid fires.

Heated towel rails

Heated towel rails are stylish bathroom heaters that you can invest in for your bathroom. If you have limited bathroom space, you will appreciate heated towel rails as they have space where you can hang your items while also heating your bathroom. Moreover, if you like wrapping around a snug towel after a shower, this is an excellent option. In addition to warming your cold towel, they also dry your wet towel after using it. These features make them a great heating option to use throughout the year.

However, when using heated towel rails, you must be careful with the sockets. This is because plugging in any appliance with loose wires poses a risk of electric shock, which can make the heating rail catch fire. In addition, keep your kids away from the towel rails to avoid accidents since they get extremely hot.

Infrared mirror heaters

Do your mirrors get fogged after taking a shower or bath? If yes, don't worry because you can install infrared mirror heaters. These heaters will save you from having to wipe your mirrors after a shower or bath. The heaters are usually pasted on the rear of your mirror before you can mount them on your bathroom wall. Infrared mirror heaters are a great option if you have limited bathroom space and cannot install large heaters.

Convection heaters

A convection heater works by pulling in cold air from your space, heating it using a heating coil, or drawing the air across an element filled with oil and then blowing it back into the area. Convection heaters are available in various sizes and shapes, ranging from fan-driven to large oil-driven models. Some other models can be mounted on the wall, but there are other portable ones. However, they generate uneven heat in your bathroom, meaning that the area near the heater is the warmest.

Straight ladder radiators

These radiators are available either in curved or straight options. They offer great space-saving options making them ideal for different room sizes. You can get the smaller ones if you have limited space in your bathroom. For your family bathroom, you can opt for tall ladder radiators.

They give bathrooms a contemporary appearance making them a great option if you have a modern bathroom. You can also get one with a chrome finish for a better look. However, most types are only available in black, white, or anthracite.

Dual fuel rails

Dual fuel rails are radiators that can be heaters with an electric or central heating system. To install a dual fuel rail in your bathroom, you should have a dual fuel T-piece heating element and several valves. They are more energy efficient, thus allowing you to choose how to use them. During the cold days, you can use your central heating to run them.

In the hot months, you turn it on using its electric element while all other home radiators are off. Although they are more energy efficient, they don't compromise functionality for style. Dual fuel rails are available in different styles, so you can get the one that matches your bathroom appearance.

Factors When Installing Bathroom Heaters

Before you install your desired bathroom heating system, here are several factors to consider.

The size of your bathroom

One major consideration is the overall size of your bathroom. This is necessary because if your bathroom is small, it is impossible to install large heaters. Therefore, you need to invest in bathroom heaters that can fit well in your bathroom without causing inconveniences.

If you have ample space present in your bathroom, you should also consider the effectiveness and heating capacity of the heater you want to install. When buying your bathroom heater, be sure to look at the BTU of the appliance. For a large bathroom, you need a heater with a higher BTU (British Thermal Unit) to ensure that the entire space is heated effectively.

Smart heating

You could also consider installing bathroom heaters with smart heating options. A heater with smart heating options does away with constant worry about temperature-related issues. With these options, you can set heating schedules. Additionally, they also have intelligent triggers.

These options also make your work easier since you do not have to operate the heaters manually. For instance, with a timer, your bathroom gets heated before you can shower. So, you don't have to wait for your bathroom to get heated. Though a heater with more smart options costs more, you save more on your heating usage in the long run.

The style and shape of your bathroom

While settling on the perfect healing option for your bathroom, you should consider your bathroom's appearance and theme. For instance, for a bathroom with a modern look, a heater with a stylish and sleek design will be a perfect choice. Ensure you consider the colour and design options matching your bathroom's theme.

You don't want to install a heater that will make your bathroom look awkward. Your goal should be to ensure your bathroom is warm and also look outstanding. The bathroom shape also matters when choosing an excellent heater for your space. Consider the heater's intended location to ensure it is far from your water source to avoid accidents.


You should list all your needs before deciding on the ideal heater to install in your bathroom. For instance, underfloor heating is the best option if you want a long-term solution for your bathroom heating. However, you should note that it takes more time to have it installed. On the other hand, if you want an instant and temporary heating solution, space heaters are the best option.


How much are you ready to part with on your bathroom heater? Before embarking on your shopping spree, you must ask yourself this question because heaters come at varied costs. In addition to the purchasing price, you should also consider the installation and maintenance costs. As a result, your budget is the major factor determining the type of bathroom heater you install.

For instance, if you want underfloor heating, you should note that it comes with substantial upfront costs. If you are working with a more minor budget, you can go for electric, space, or hand heaters; however, you should know that they will significantly increase your monthly power bills.

Save On Bathroom Heating Costs

Here are some handy heating tips to help you save on heating costs once you finally install your desired bathroom heater.

Turn the exhaust fan off

One of the ways to save on costs when using a bathroom heating system is to turn off your exhaust fans. Doing so helps keep the warmth inside your bathroom. However, it is important to ensure you turn on the fans once you are done taking a shower. This helps prevent moisture build-up, which can cause mould in your space. It's vital to do this during the hot months when humidity is high.

Seal all the leaks in your bathroom

Another excellent way to save on heating costs is to seal all leaks in your bathroom. This ensures that heat does not escape through the leaks, as having a heater would otherwise be counterproductive. After having a hot shower, you should turn on your exhaust or open all the windows for steam to escape to prevent mould growth.

Install warm lights

In addition to cold white lights, you can also install warm yellow lights in your bathroom. Yellow lights are essential as they envision the warmth you need in your space. Using several lights also radiates warmth, but this is not advisable since you waste a lot of energy which will reflect on your monthly heating bills.

Only turn on the heaters when necessary

You should only turn on your bathroom heaters when you have to. If nobody is having a bath or taking a shower, there is no need to waste energy by turning on the heating system. This will also help you save on your energy bills at the end of the month.

Hire The Best Bathroom Renovation Company

You may want to install any of the above heaters when undertaking a renovation to boost your bathroom heat and make the space more comfortable. To get the best and the required warmth in your bathroom, you need to work with the best bathroom renovators in your locality in Australia.

The experts can help you choose the best heater according to your bathroom design and dimensions. They can help you install it properly to ensure you get the desired warmth in your bathroom. Look for a fully insured and licensed bathroom company for the best results.

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