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The idea of starting a new project, especially a home renovation, excites people since it is both challenging and rewarding. When it comes to a bathroom renovation, multiple stages and difficulties need to be overcome during the renovation process. To avoid turning this remodelling opportunity into another failed project, you should be very detailed with your renovation timelines, set realistic expectations, and, most importantly, gather the right supporting team.

Take this article as your guide, as it will take you through the estimated time, renovation costs, and factors that directly affect the construction phase of your bathroom renovation.

Renovating Your Bathroom: An Overview

Discussing Layout of Bathroom

Everyone has their distinctive taste as far as bathroom design ideas are concerned. Some people like modern bathrooms, while some prefer luxury bathrooms to classical ones. Either way, keeping specific bathroom ideas in mind will direct you into choosing the most suitable equipment corresponding to your budget. If you are still confused about deciding the appropriate styles, the renovation ideas suggested below will help provoke your enthusiasm and make definitive decisions for your bathroom renovation.

1. Modern Bathroom

Streamlined, sleek, and specified with its strong horizontal lines, the modern bathroom style is one of the best options for those attracted to elegance but still wish to reserve such places as sanctuaries. Colours should tend to be clean white, subtle neutrals, and black. Meanwhile, the key features consist of freestanding bathtubs, floating bathroom vanities, frameless mirrors, etc., all for the minimalist comfort of where you live.

2. Traditional Bathroom

If you are into the rustic feeling and you want to renovate your bathroom for its quality and artsy, the answer is: keep it as it is but update it. The decor should be antique, for example, stone counters, classic vanities, classic bathtubs, and wainscoting. The tone colours recommended for this bathroom design are subtle neutrals (brown, grey, wood tones) and midnight blue. If you want further inspiration on this type of bathroom decor, you can research Bohemian-style bathroom ideas.

3. Transitional Style

The transitional bathrooms are a nice mixture of the above styles, so they suit you if you yearn for something in between. The warm, intimate emotions from the traditional style balance the neat, cold feeling from the modern one. While there are many sub-categories in this style, they all share some mutual features, making this style uniquely intriguing compared to any others. These are a combination of light, warm colour palettes (white, grey, beige), wooden bathroom accessories, and elegant-style equipment made from sleek materials (glass, aluminium).

The three bathroom styles listed above are just suggestions. Several other options are available for you to discover. Take what resonates with your style, budget and do not be afraid to communicate with your bathroom designers.

A Guide On Bathroom Renovation Costs

Once you have an ultimate image of which type of bathroom design you want to incorporate into your bathroom renovation, the next step is to estimate your budget based on it. Besides deciding the equipment and materials, you should also consider the size of the bathroom you are remodelling since it will directly influence your budget and the renovation timeline of the project.

Below is a small cost guide to help you understand what you should bring to the table and have an approximate value of the expected renovation cost. The most important thing to note is that your bathroom renovation depends on your budget and vision for this project. There are generally three different categories that highlight the different bathroom renovation projects budgets.

  1. People with a tight budget. This category is for you if you only want your bathroom cleaned, polished, and upgraded more stylishly. Floor tiling is the utmost option coming to their minds in this case, but a full renovation might replace their first decision because of plumbing and electrical problems.
  2. Investors who want amazing bathrooms so that their properties to sell quickly while using the least possible budget.
  3. Homeowners with a lavish budget. The typical characteristics associated with this section are functional fixings using premium elements that upgrade their settings luxuriously, for instance, adding heated towel rails or installing expensive bathroom vanities.

Once you have identified which customer segmentation you are, you can decide on better prices for your bathroom reno. Next, you have to list down your needs based on the previous identification. Keep in mind that these costs are in AUD, sized for a 15-to-22-square-meter bathroom, and only applicable in Australia.

Below are some bathroom costs that you will need to cater for based on your needs:

  • Demolishing Used Floor Tiles: This cost depends on the size and quality of the bathroom you want to polish. Without the presence of asbestos, rodents, termites, and borers, the cost varies from about $2,000 to $3,500.
  • Floor Tiling: It consists of two components: a fee for the tiles and a fee for the tilers. The rates are dependent on different materials, sizes, and the complexity of the tiling process. Tiles cost between $525 and $1,680 while hiring a tiler will cost you approximately $1,125 to $3,360.
  • Rerouting Plumbing and Electrical: Plumbing will cost around $2,000 – $8,000 while Electricity costs about $500 – $4,000.
  • Bathroom Accessories and Fittings: Bathroom accessories raise the whole vibe within your bathroom. However, they cost quite a lot. For example, a towel rail could cost from $39 up to $200, a vanity from $650 to $3,500, not to mention towel ladders, screens, and mirrors, etc.

Bathroom Renovation Timeline: How Long Does It Take?

We have come to the vital part of this article: the process. If you are wondering how long bathroom remodels typically take, read on to find out.

1. Factors that Affect the Bathroom Renovation Process

The estimated time for a bathroom renovation project always ranges widely from a few days to months, often prone to error. If the project keeps delaying from time to time then the longer it will take which could, in turn, annoy you whether you are a homeowner or investor. Before you opt to do a bathroom reno, here are a few factors that affect the timeline of your renovation project:

  • The Availability of Materials in your Locality: If you pursue a specific concept for your renovation designs, you will want to have it as fantastic as possible. Imported ceramic tiles might be your top choice. However, it is important to know how long it will take for them to be shipped to your door. If it takes more than the period you are willing to bear, consider a substituting option.
  • The Number of People on the Job: You and your renovation company will discuss this, but it will affect the process if only a few workers are allowed to be on-site.
  • The Amount of Space for Storage: You need to ensure that you have enough storage space for your bathroom renovation project. Multiple materials and equipment need to be stored properly so that they are always ready when needed.

2. Time Taken for Each Bathroom Renovation Task

As mentioned earlier, the estimated time of your bathroom renovation will always depend on the actual circumstances. Delays occur by a snowball effect, and if you want to minimise their occurrence, you should work with a competent professional team that will give you a detailed schedule.

In an ideal environment where all the factors favour you, a bathroom renovation project can last for 24 days. However, keep an open mind and expect the unexpected, as downtime or unwanted experiences might arise during the construction. Below is a list of the duration of each renovation activity.

  • Demolition: Takes two days. However, extended time may occur if the working space is on the second floor or it is difficult to clean up garbage. Note that it is easier to deal with timber studs and sheeted walls compared to stoned brick walls. Expect a couple of extended days if any asbestos is found in your bathroom.
  • Rough Carpentry: Takes two days. It depends on your renovation designs. However, if you choose to have carpentry for your bathroom, it takes two days to finish setting it up.
  • Plumber and Electricians Rough-In: Take two days, one for each task. If you do not know what the term “Rough-In” is, we’ve got you. It is the process of linking the electrical lines but not hooking them up to the final wiring. The professionals could tackle these tasks swiftly within two days. However, this is only guaranteed if there is no equipment such as a bathtub and toilet interrupting the progress.
  • Tiling Preparation: Takes two days. Installation of windows and doors will happen and then a tilling bed will also be installed and left to dry before moving onto the next stage. During the drying time, it is best to prepare sheets for the walls and ceilings. It will take another two days to wrap up.
  • Waterproofing: Takes two days. As the second most important part of the bathroom, waterproofing sheets ensure that no water will leak out for years to come. The time for it to dry and be ready for use is between one to two days.
  • Tiling: Takes five days. It is one of the most important stages of the project. Tilers need to carefully measure and cut the tiles as per the measurements to ensure that they are properly put in the right corners of the floor. Once the tiling is complete, the contractors can measure the shower screen for production.
  • Wrapping Up Tiles: Takes two days. The final step is about silicon and grouting the tiles.
  • Trimming and Painting: Takes one day and is the time for decoration. Contractors will install the door frames, and then painters will come to paint your bathrooms as per your desired specifications in the contract.
  • Plumbing and Electrical Fit Off: Takes two days, one for each task. When the floor is all set up, plumbing and electrical equipment are also required for the renovation. Plumbing equipment include tubs, toilets, basins, tapware, and the drainage underfloor. The workers will connect them to the system set up days before. After that, the electricians will set up electrical stuff, including fans, light settings, heated towels, and switches.
  • Accessories: This step allows you to decorate the bathrooms however you like. Toilet paper holder, hand towel rail, aluminium hooks are ready to use. With a bit of creativity, you can take a more creative direction with your bathrooms and make them a comfortable place.

Choosing The Right Renovation Company

A great servicing bathroom designer can satisfy your aesthetic needs, provide you with insightful advice while providing the highest quality services in the shortest time frame possible. Most importantly, the team should understand the locals well to back them up with appropriate renovation plans, while maintaining a personalised approach to each customer. Do not hesitate to contact a reliable bathroom renovation company if you need to carry out a bathroom renovation project.

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