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Japanese Bathroom Ideas

If you intend to undertake a bathroom renovation or build a new one, there are quite a number of design options to choose from. The design you choose largely depends on your preference. However, your budget also plays a massive factor in the design you select since some are costlier than others. One of the designs that you can incorporate into your facility is the Japanese bathroom design. This article dives into the Japanese bathroom design and tips on how to incorporate it into your bathroom.

Japanese Bathroom Design - What Is It?

The Japanese bathroom design is a modern style that perfectly incorporates the traditional Japanese culture of natural elements and simplicity. This results in an overall look that is both uncluttered and clean. It features contrasting textures and neutral colours to create an atmosphere of serenity and relaxation. By incorporating this design, your bathroom could look like a spa. And isn't that just terrific? This is one of the reasons why the style is gaining popularity among many property owners in Australia.

Reasons Japanese Bathroom Design Is Popular

In addition to a spa-like environment in your home, there are more reasons why people are increasingly opting for a Japanese bathroom design for their facilities. Here are some reasons why:

Incorporates serene natural elements into your bathroom

This design brings serene natural elements into your bathroom. Consequently, your space will have a feel of the outside. For instance, you could have greenery in your bathroom brought about by large windows that open into your yard. You could also have beautiful pot plants inside the bathroom. With this design, natural features are mimicked. This makes your facility a great place to relax after a long day of work and relieve strains and stress.

Features soothing colours

Japanese bathroom designs use similar colours for the entire design scheme. This helps create a soothing space where you will feel relaxed when having a shower or bath. For instance, you may have accessories, a bath panel, wall, stool, and others with the same shade. You can opt for muted hues that are easy and relaxing to your eyes.

Gives your bathroom a contemporary look

Incorporating Japanese styling in your bathroom is a great way to give your space a contemporary look. The clean lines and natural materials look modern and fresh. The muted colour palette is timeless, so your bathroom will never look outdated.

Brings in a minimalist design

If you are a minimalist, you should go for a Japanese bathroom design. Everything in the design is clean, linear, and straightforward. For instance, you could install beige tiles on both your bathroom floor and walls. With such colours, only the distinct shape makes you see the ends. Additionally, you can have floating toilets without flourishes or grooves.

Leaves your bathroom looking luxurious

Though bathrooms with a Japanese design are simple, they are luxurious. The facilities are divided into various areas, with the shower separated from the toilet. In addition, the shower is also separated from the sink and bath. As a result, this design allows more than one person to use the facility at any given time while maintaining a high level of privacy.

This design uses only high-quality materials when designing fittings and fixtures. This means that you will have smooth and straightforward fixtures to work with. Moreover, the bathtubs are large enough to allow you to relax as you bathe.

Hi-tech bathrooms

Japan is one of the countries with the most advanced technology. This technological know-how also goes into bathroom design. For instance, Japanese-styled bathrooms are characterised by hi-tech features that clean the toilet seat automatically. You only need to simply press a button, and the toilet seat is cleaned automatically. Some models even play music, thus making your bathroom experience not only relaxing but also entertaining.

Provide storage

A Japanese bathroom could include storage bags to put clutter. With this design, you could opt for a vanity unit or three deep drawers to store your things, allowing you to hide your toilet roll, toiletries, towels, and other items. If you close the drawer, it does away with the clutter, and your privacy is enhanced. This also ensures that all your items are also safe.

Easy to maintain cleanliness

In Japanese-style bathrooms, technology is also applied to keep the toilets clean. The bathrooms come with technology in which you press a button, and the seat is automatically cleaned. Consequently, you do not have to wipe the seat with the toilet roll.

Eco friendly

Japanese bathrooms have features that make them eco-friendly options. The technology applied included innovations that help conserve water. For instance, you can reuse grey water from the hand basin to flush water. The design is also space-saving. For example, you could have the basin sitting above the cistern. Thus, as you wash your hands, the water collects below and is used for the next flush.

Laundry in the bathroom

These bathrooms are also practical since you can do your laundry in them. You can use the bathwater for your laundry and the hot air to dry your clothes. This is possible because Japanese bathrooms have strong fans for ventilating the space. You could also choose to include rails to hang your clothes or other items.

Tips For Creating A Japanese Bathroom Design

Here are some Japanese-styled bathroom ideas for your home.

Include a soaking tub

You can have a deep soaking tub known as Ufuro. Unlike in most western societies, bathing is a shared experience in Japan. It's an experience that allows people to unwind and relax together. Thus, if you would like to have such a bathing experience, you could incorporate a soaking tub where you can bathe with friends or other family members. It is excellent etiquette to wash your hair or shower to ensure you are clean as you enter the water to bathe. Include a wet shower room separate from your bath and use waterproof wall panels to design a wet room.

Pick the right accessories and furniture

In Japan, bidets are common, so you could also consider having a full bidet in your bathroom. However, if your space doesn't allow having a full bidet, you could install a spray wand beside the toilet. Ensure there is a partition between the toilet, bidet, and bath to promote hygiene.

You don't have to spend a fortune to achieve a functional Japanese bathroom design. You could opt for simple and less costly accessories such as rattan rugs, floating candles, stones, and plants. Consider having a low stool next to your bath where you can rest your towel or install a basket or hooks to hang it.

Include the right design features

You could incorporate modern technologies to create a smart bathroom. There are different Japanese bathroom technologies to incorporate. For instance, you could install control panels to set the correct water temperature. You could also include built-in speakers to play soothing music that allows you to meditate as you shower or have a bath. However, you need a reasonable budget to incorporate the smart features in your bathroom since most of them are costly to buy and also install.

Add greenery and plants

Plants are perfect additions to your bathroom since they bring elements of nature into your space. You could choose plants such as moss-style plants, potted bamboo, and bonsai trees to have a Zen bathroom. Additionally, hanging planters to showcase orchids and other humidity-loving plants is excellent.

Ensure you place the plants in the right place to create a more natural environment. If you have any freestanding plants, place them in an area with natural light. Having greenery in your bathroom promotes tranquillity and peace so go for it.

Incorporate natural materials

Japanese aesthetics have a major focus on the power of stones and water. Regardless of the arrangement, stones depict the raw symbol of nature, and you could have them in your bathroom. Since they offer an elegant background for your space, you could incorporate them through your bathroom countertop or wall panels.

Moreover, it is a great idea to incorporate water in different forms. For instance, a small stone fountain will create a more pleasing visual effect in your bathroom. You could also have marble or stone tiles, stone and wood elements, bathmats, and towels featuring natural fibres and colours to showcase your bathroom's atmosphere.

Characteristics Of Japanese Bathroom designs

Different elements make up Japanese bathroom designs. Your budget and preferences determine the kind of space you have. Here are some critical aspects of Japanese bathroom design.

A deep soaking tub

Japanese bathrooms feature deep soaking tubs designed in different materials such as wood. In Japan, the wood used is known as hinoki. Hinoki wood is an excellent material for creating tubs since it is antibacterial, insect, and mould resistant and doesn't rot. Cedar is also used due to its pleasing aroma.

Point of use heater

A soaking tub needs plenty of water to fill since they are made to be used many times before it can drain and refill completely. The water ought to be hot, so you should install a point-of-use heater. This ensures you can have hot water whenever you want to enjoy a bath or shower.

A separate bathing area

Japanese master bathrooms have a separate area to wash hair with shampoo and soap. They feature a small shower area featuring floor drainage or a sink with pails.

Simple lighting

With their minimalist styles, Japanese bathrooms have simple lighting. They feature skylights over the tub for general lighting. You also find them with task lighting around the vanity mirror to help apply makeup or when shaving. For general lighting, the bathrooms have recessed lighting.

Neutral colour paints

Japanese bathrooms feature soft earth tones and neutral colours. Most of them have green or pastel to provide a more relaxing environment.

Fewer accents

These bathrooms follow the principle of less is more. They mostly feature one or two plants featuring polished river rock. You also find simple wood shelves, scented pillar candles, and bamboo fibre towels.

Considerations For Japanese Bathroom Designs

Having a Japanese bathroom design is a great idea, but there are some considerations to ensure you get the best. Here are some of the things to consider.

Drastic alteration needed

To create a Japanese bathroom design, you must make drastic changes to your bathroom. This is especially if you have a traditional bathroom design. The Japanese design is suitable if you have a contemporary home. So, you should consider if it's worth making all the alterations or not. However, your designer can also look for ways to incorporate the changes with minimal modifications to your traditional bathroom.

How much time do you spend in the bathroom?

It's a good idea to factor in how much of your time you spend in the bathroom. If you like having a quick shower, a Japanese bathroom might not be your best option. The bathroom is suitable if you like pampering yourself and spending a long time in the bathroom as if you are in a spa.


Renovating your bathroom into a Japanese design is not supposed to cost a lot. There are different, more cost-effective ways to redo the bathroom. However, certain features require you to have a higher budget. For instance, if you want to incorporate smart features in your bathroom, you should be ready with a bigger budget since some features are costly to install. Take time to understand your project's cost to plan your budget more effectively.


Consider the materials you want to use for your Japanese bathroom design. Some materials you can use include rice paper panels for sliding doors and tatami mats for the floor. Tatami mats absorb any water and offer a soft walking surface. For a modern look, you can use materials such as tiles or wood slats for the floor. There are many more materials you can choose depending on the appearance you want to have in your bathroom.

Want A Japanese Bathroom In Your Home?

Having a Japanese bathroom in your home is perfect if you want to make your space more enticing, relaxing, and functional. This design also makes your home more unique while enhancing its value. Considering these, you should work with the best bathroom designers near you for the best results.

Professional bathroom designers create high-quality and appealing bathrooms that you are guaranteed to enjoy spending a lot of time in. They have the knowledge and skills to design a Japanese bathroom fully customised to meet all your specific needs. Ensure you hire bathroom designers with a good reputation and proven record in providing the best bathroom services in your area.

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