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Home Improvement

When it comes to home improvement and remodelling projects, the bathroom should be the first space in your home that comes to mind. Remodelling your master or common bathroom breathes new life into your space whether you are there long term or plan on selling in the future.

Bathroom renovations are the most common remodelling projects and are important to those who wish to give their homes a modern touch. This will allow you as a homeowner to truly customise your home to your desired preferences and tastes. In addition, bathroom renovations increase the value of your home.

You will also benefit from energy savings and have room to improve your family’s safety. Take a step forward and think of renovating your bathroom.

Benefits Of Renovating Your Bathroom

Added Value

Remodelling your bathroom greatly increases home value in different ways. The changes you wish to implement might be expensive, but all the investment you make into your remodelling is worth the time, and amount of money used. When you renovate your bathroom with new appliances, beautiful decorations, and updated components, the home’s market value goes up.

A remodelled master bathroom provides you with increased utility, something you may not have had before. For example, when your bathroom gets a cosmetic appearance, it becomes enjoyable, adding substantial value to your home. No matter the size of your bathroom, be assured that a professional contractor would love to take a risk and help you realise your dream.

A home renovation not only adds property value, but also makes your home aesthetically pleasing, and that automatically attracts real estate agents. Your home will appear much more attractive than neighbouring properties, and that will get it off the market quite fast.

Attract Homebuyers

The most common rooms that homebuyers visit when they go to check out properties are the kitchen and bathroom. This means that your home should have a proper bathroom renovation. They will check the water pressure and also visit the toilets. Some go as far as checking the lighting, air, and natural sunlight that comes in the morning.

Your bathroom should look as comfortable as your master bedroom. Feel free to step on the creative side of new technology when you choose to update your master bathrooms. Your renovation budget should allow some creative freedom to implement ideas that you have had for a while.

By upgrading and remodelling your master bathroom the right way, whether through home loans or savings, you are guaranteed to recover the money that was spent, and even make a profit when you sell the property. Potential buyers will suggest the value of your home depending on the upgrades and investments made during the renovation project.

Improved Safety

Bathroom safety is only guaranteed when modern plumbing fixtures, stylish cabinets, freshly tiled floors, storage space increments, and proper fittings are all done to standard. This should be done by a professional contractor who understands the importance of safety standards and codes.

The bathroom space might be the smallest in the house, but it is also one of the most dangerous places. A kitchen and bathroom renovation can be done without adversely affecting its overall design, style, and functionality. Most safety upgrades can be done by retrofitting an existing bathroom.

You should also think of installing the grab bars which will enhance bathroom safety, especially when the changes you make are likely to compromise on strength, mobility, or balance. Grab bars can be mounted vertically or horizontally so that it is easy for the user to pull on and support their full body weight.

Ensure the shower recess is also installed to allow the rest of the bathroom to remain dry while someone has a shower, without worrying that water will spill to places it should not go.

Plumbing Issues Get Fixed

When you experience constant problems in your bathroom that are plumbing-related, the piping in there should be redone to avoid further damage. It can be annoying, inefficient, and costly to have a plumber repair one thing then call them back a few days later to fix something else. You need to make up your mind and overhaul your bathroom so that the plumber can fix the issues once and for all.

An Upgraded Décor

New technologies and products show up on the market every day. Newer and attractive interior designs such as feature walls, wall tiles, and shower recesses, colour schemes and much more have emerged and you can use them to modernise your bathroom space. Comparing your bathroom with the new modernised bathrooms will make it look old and outdated.

You will also feel unhappy when you visit your outdated bathroom and might not let friends or guests go anywhere near it. A dull bathroom might impact your mood negatively. Plan for a remodel of your entire bathroom because it will, among other things, lighten up your mood.

Mould and Mildew are Eliminated

Some homes experience mould, especially in the bathroom. This fungus can cause a variety of health problems and structural damage to your bathroom. Mould releases tiny, microscopic spores around the bathroom which require a little moisture to take hold. Such a condition is created every time you take a bath or shower.

The most important step to take is to make sure you eliminate the moisture by keeping the bathroom dry. Unexpectedly, your bathroom might have hidden leaks or damp areas that allow water or moisture to accumulate. A proper bathroom remodel will be needed to make sure the drains in the bathroom can be cleaned regularly so that there is no blockage that might cause water to stagnate.

Aesthetic Appeal

If you start experiencing rust, stains, and cracks then consider remodelling your bathroom to give it a modernistic look. For your bathroom to look more aesthetically appealing, faucets, pipes, and showerheads should be checked and fixed immediately to avoid leaking problems.

You should also consider remodelling your bathtub by fixing the discolouration, rust spots, and stains on it. Add some quality bathrobes and towels in your bathroom to give the entire place a luxurious feel.

Beneficial to your Family

You might not be happy and satisfied with your current bathroom, especially if your family is growing. You will need to add an extra bathroom or redesign your bathroom to have a larger bathtub particularly if you have kids.

Apart from children, you may have other members of the family who are aged or handicapped that need a wheelchair for mobility. That will force you to remodel the bathroom to accommodate them. Conducting a bathroom makeover will bring your family together and brighten the atmosphere in your home.

Improved Energy Efficiency

An upscale remodelling of your home involves regulating lights, temperature, and water. Getting rid of old showerheads or toilets, or replacing them with new ones will decrease the amount of water that goes down the drain. Newer toilets are designed to decrease your water consumption as they provide you with an option of a heavy or light flush based on need.

Energy-efficient options will help you regulate and monitor water temperature. A renovation process will lower energy consumption and save you a lot of money.

A bathroom renovation could potentially change the lighting system by using conventional bulbs with energy efficient LED lights designed to decrease the amount of energy being consumed illuminating your bathroom space. Another way to save on electricity is by installing motion detectors to your light switches in addition to LED lights.

Motion detectors automatically turn off after a set amount of time, saving you from checking now and then if your lights are on. Bathroom renovations add value to your home, which will attract mortgage brokers or home buyers when you are set to sell your home.

Storage Improvement

When you decide to remodel your bathroom, space should be your top priority. An overhaul of your kitchen and bathroom improves usability and generally boosts home value regardless of what improvements you make. You can increase storage space in your bathroom using pull-down shelves on the sliding tracks.

Installation of pull-down shelves will leave more spaces for traditional storage hardware like cabinets and shelves. Another idea you can explore is vertically stacked hanging baskets. These hanging baskets are used to store products that can be kept in the bathroom to create more space for cabinets and counter space.

Thirdly, consider installing flush wall cabinets behind mirrors, shower screens, and shower recesses. Lastly, have your hangers and shelves on door backsides. A maple door is a great idea in this case because you can use the back to hang robes and towels.

Are Professional Bathroom Renovations Necessary?

When you think of bathroom renovation, you might be worried about its time and cost implications. It is possible to find a professional contractor who will renovate your bathroom and add style at a relatively low cost. If you choose to hire a professional remodeler to work on your bathroom, find one that has expertise in storage design as that guarantees you value for money.

Don’t just focus on cost-cutting. Kitchen and bathroom remodelling are potentially the right ways to upgrade and increase home value. There are new remodelling styles that can suit your bathroom, so rest assured that there is something for everyone.

Look for experts that will advise you on quality and long-lasting materials that suit your renovation needs. No matter the state of your bathroom, remodelling will bring a dazzling and delightful look.