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Revamping Your Bathroom Sink

All bathrooms have several fixtures and appliances that make them more functional. One of the most important fixtures in your bathroom is the sink. Sinks get a lot of traffic in the bathroom because of their many uses. This is where you wash your hands, brush your teeth, and perform other similar tasks daily.

With its frequent use, it is crucial to invest in a durable bathroom sink to enhance your bathroom. A high-quality sink also helps you save money since you don't have to keep replacing or repairing it.

There are different sink ideas that you could incorporate to improve the functionality of your bathroom and also improve its general appearance. This article will surmise some bathroom sink ideas that you could apply to your space.

How To Change Your Bathroom Sink

Changing your bathroom sink could freshen your space. Whether you decide on a contemporary or modern style or whatever your preference is, there are countless ideas that you could incorporate into your bathroom. As a start, you could change the shapes and colours of your sink to give it a unique look.

For instance, you could opt for countertop sinks, which are both sleek and modern. On the contrary, if you have a vintage-style bathroom, you could install a classic full pedestal sink to improve the aesthetic. There are also console basins, double basins, and floating wall-hung styles to select from.

You are not limited to the shape and style of the bathroom sink; you could also be more creative and play around with colours, textures, and accessories. Therefore, you could opt for concrete basins, marble finishes, statement mirrors, and sculptural taps.

Here are other bathroom ideas that you could apply depending on your taste.

Opt for a circular sink design

Contrary to the norm, your bathroom sink doesn't have to feature sharp edges and straight lines. Instead, you could think outside the box and incorporate a bathroom sink with a circular design into your space. You could opt for statement countertop basins with a circular design to make the bathroom stand out.

Circular basins effectively add some personality to your space. Additionally, they take up less space in the bathroom. Thus, if you have a bathroom with limited space, circular basins should be your go-to.

Include stylish storage

Having adequate storage space in your bathroom for storing your products and personal items is crucial. Consequently, you could invest in a countertop vanity unit that makes your bathroom look stylish and acts as a storage space. Instead of having a stand-alone sink unit, you could make your sink more functional with this vanity idea.

You could also create space under the basin. The space could be both stylish and practical for your bathroom. This idea is perfect for your busy bathroom since removing clutter is vital for a serene space. With this storage space, you could hide your cleaning products, shampoo bottles, and rolled-up towels, effectively making your area more organised.

Concrete sinks

You could opt to give your bathroom an industrial feel by incorporating a concrete sink. Concrete sinks are practical, long-lasting, and super stylish. They are a great option if you like bold bathroom colours and detail, as the basins are available in different textures. In addition, there are several styles and sizes, ranging from traditional shaker style to minimalist style.

You could also have fluted basins as contours in the concrete to add interest and tactile elements to your basin. Moreover, pair the basin with gold brassware to create a modern look and add elegance to your bathroom.

Install a drop-in sink

A drop-in sink is the best option if you want a classic bathroom sink. These sinks can fit in any bathroom and are pretty affordable. Drop-in sinks feature an extra lip around their edges to prevent water from spilling. One of the major benefits is that you can easily install them into your vanity or countertop, which means that you do not have to change your existing sink design and layout.

Drop-in sinks make it possible to use different styles and materials. They depict creativity while maintaining functionality.

Self-rimming sinks

You could also opt to have a bathroom sink design featuring self-rims, which is an easy job that can be done within an hour or so. These sinks have long-term viability; you could install them if you want to replace and upgrade the sink on your countertop. Self-rimming sinks are great if you want a clean and basic aesthetic.

Under-mount sink

An under-mount sink is usually placed under the countertop, thus maximising the surface space. The design makes it easy for you to clean your countertop. However, you can only incorporate an under-mount sink into your bathroom if you have solid surface counters.

Vessel sinks

Installing vessel sinks in your bathroom allows you to make your space look unique and appealing. There are quite a number of materials that you could use for the sink countertop installation. You could opt for copper, crystal, marble, or ceramic materials. It's simple to set up the system. The faucet and the bathroom sink are included because of their unique layout and ability to add personality to your space.

Avoid pedestals and go for a minimalist style

To increase your floor space, if you have a small bathroom, you could go for a wall-hung bathroom sink instead of a pedestal basin. Floating sinks are stylish and practical, and consequently, they are becoming popular among many homeowners in Australia.

You could pair your floating sink with additional storage, such as a toiletries tray or towel basket. You can choose several hung bathroom sinks, including the falcon and sleek curved newton basins. You could also give your bathroom the ultimate contemporary accent by installing a Noir Veneto sink.

Integrate your worktop and basin

Create a seamless style in your sink with an all-in-one look integrated basin. Fit the sink underneath the surface level of your bathroom vanity. This helps remove joints between the sink and the vanity. Removing the joints helps inspire clean lines in your entire bathroom. You can get inbuilt countertops made using resin and poly marble.

Go green

Adding some foliage to your bathroom is a great way to bring a natural feel into your space. The foliage helps keep your spirits high at all times when you are in the bathroom. It's perfect to use alongside your countertop basin. Choose humidity-loving and low-maintenance plants such as bamboo, ferns, or begonias. These plants improve your bathroom décor and refresh your bathroom sink.

Spruce the sink with a cover

At times, when undertaking a bathroom renovation in the basement, you might only have a simple utility sink to work with. If you are thinking of removing the entire sink and putting it in the garbage, DON'T! Instead, you could spruce it with a cover. For instance, you could include a wooden cover to give it a rustic look. This is a less costly bathroom idea and simple to do.

Install a glass bowl sink

Glass bow sinks were standard in the 2000s. This fact might make them seem like a style that is outdated, but you can opt to have it in your bathroom. You can install a see-through glass sink to make your bathroom look classy. It's a great idea if you have a small bathroom where you don't have room for a double vanity or entire sink.

Modern sink featuring a towel holder

A towel sink ensures you don't get out of your bathroom with wet hands. This is because the sink includes a place to hang your towel to wipe your hands after visiting the bathroom.

Factors When Choosing A Bathroom Sink Idea

As you consider the bathroom sink to apply in your home in Australia, it is necessary to make several considerations. The essential thing should be to make your bathroom more functional and improve its appearance. No matter the kind of design you choose, make sure it's also practical, depending on the qualities of your bathroom. Here are some of the major considerations you should make.

Bathroom configuration

One of the significant considerations you should make is your sink configuration. This refers to how the configuration is done and designed to suit your faucet. When considering the design to apply, the sink configuration should be fully compatible with the type of faucet you use or want to buy. For instance, if you have a three-hole-faucet, you should have a sink featuring three holes.

Lifestyle and traffic

When selecting a sink idea, you should also note its usage and the number of those using it. For instance, you need to get conventional and hardy-styled sinks for your kid's bathroom. If you want a sink for your stylish powder room, you can opt for delicate and dainty sinks. Consider your lifestyle and choose a sink style matching it.

Care requirements

It's good to know that there are bathroom cleaners or substances that don't work well with some sink materials. As a result, you cannot use any chemical cleaner on your sink. Metals, wood, and stone are susceptible to chemical substances. When you pick a specific type of bathroom sink, you should understand the care needs beforehand. Look for a bathroom sink that doesn't require high-level maintenance.

Bathroom size

It's also critical to consider the size of your bathroom as you choose the right bathroom idea. Take note of your space size since it affects the type of sink to install. You could install new pipes with a small bathroom to accommodate the pedestal and wall mount sink.

A bathroom sink without a large base takes less floor space. That kind of sink can help you maximise the area in the bathroom and enhance its functionality.

Consider your storage needs

A bathroom located on the upper floor tends to get high traffic. Then, bathrooms located in the hallway and bedrooms are often used in the morning. The sink idea you pick determines the storage space available for your essentials. You should have a vanity-mounted sink if storage is your top priority.

A bathroom in the main living area intended for guests or half baths doesn't require much storage compared to other bathrooms in your home. Any bathroom sink will work effectively for your guest bathrooms.

Maintenance needs

Bathroom sinks are made using different materials. The sinks made of ceramic or other solid materials need low-level maintenance. They are also easy to clean and more durable. However, they will not add many aesthetic benefits to your bathroom. You could opt for a bathroom sink designed with tempered glass or natural stone to give your bathroom a luxurious feel.

Bathroom sinks designed with glass bowls require regular cleaning to get rid of water spots. On the other hand, a natural stone sink requires frequent sealing to stay watertight.

Bathroom Sink Materials

The primary factor you should consider is the material of the bathroom sink you want to install. The sink material determines the functionality, durability, and aesthetic value the sink adds to your space. There are several sink materials you can select. Here are some of these materials.


Ceramic basins give your bathroom a classic look and a long-lasting shine. They come in white, meaning your sink does not change even if you use cleaning bleaches. Ceramic material is recyclable, making it environmentally friendly, and is also scratch resistant. If you want simplicity, a ceramic bathroom sink is the best option for you. You can also get one with decorative motifs to improve the appearance of your bathroom.


Acrylic bathroom sinks are popular because of their glossy finish and lightness. These sinks are decorative, functional, recyclable, and scratch resistant. However, you should not place flames or any other hot items on acrylic sinks since the material gets damaged by heat.

Mineral lacarga

These sinks are less shiny compared to those with a porcelain finish. They are warm to the touch and highly resistant to shock. They are a perfect option if you want to make your bathroom more appealing. The sinks come in different sizes, colours, and textures. Besides, the sink is highly resistant to solvents and cleaning products.

Natural stone

Natural stone bathroom sinks are designed using granite, slate, and marble materials. The material is less resistant to heavier objects and shock. Depending on the stone you choose, the bathroom sinks give your space a rustic, elegant, and colonial look. Each sink is also different in colour, texture, and porosity.

In addition, there are different shapes to choose from, or you could have a fully customised one to suit your specific needs. However, more maintenance is needed because of the stone's porous nature.

Artificial stone

This stone is made of small stones and cement. The basins give your bathroom an innovative and informal style. Don't use cleaning products containing acid since they can cause unwanted effects.


Wood bathroom sinks are warm to the touch and offer a unique texture. They are highly resistant to ultraviolet rays. However, they generally require a lot of maintenance to maintain their aesthetics.

Tempered glass

The sinks are easy to clean, but you need to do it more often since they get dirty quickly. They are available in numerous colours and shapes. The sinks give your bathroom's elegant touch.

Do You Need High-Quality Bathroom Sinks?

Regardless of your bathroom sink ideas, ensuring the installation work is done perfectly is critical. In addition, make sure you get high-quality sinks that last for years. Therefore, work with the best bathroom renovation company in Australia to get the best results. They could help do the installation and advise you on the best sink ideas that suit your bathroom design.

Professional bathroom designers have all the necessary tools and apply the proper techniques to ensure your bathroom sink ideas come to fruition. Moreover, they could also help you do repairs and maintenance when needed.

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