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Regrouting Shower Costs

Regrouting showers could save you money that you would have otherwise used to pay for an expensive tile replacement. Additionally, if you have an older tiled shower, it will leave it looking both cleaner and brighter than it did before. Grout helps to prevent water from entering your home's walls and protects the margins of your tiles from deteriorating. If it cracks, you must replace it to protect the studs or tiles from damage.

The grout between the tiles on a floor or wall is removed and replaced with new grout during regrouting. Showers and balconies are typical places where regrouting may be necessary. This article will discuss the cost guide for a shower regrout.

How Much Does Grout Cost?

While looking for home renovation materials, you will realise that grouts come in various looks and price points because there are numerous types of grouts. Let us dive into the various grout types and their prices if this is the first time you are learning about this:

Sanded grout

Sanded grout is typically utilised in big grout joints with a minimum thickness of 3mm. The sand helps to hold the grout in place, which is how it received its name. This particular grout has a sand-like appearance and is stronger and thicker due to the added sand. Sanded grout is sold at around $1.50 per kilo.

Unsanded grout

Unsanded grout is ideal for joints about 3mm in diameter or less. Small grout joints may have too much sand and insufficient grout if sanded grout is utilised. It goes for around $3 per kilogram.

Epoxy grout

Unlike the above two types, epoxy grout is not made from cement. As a result, it does not need to be sealed because it is porous. Epoxy grout is more resistant to cracks, does not discolour or shrink, and aids in preventing the formation of germs, mould, and mildew on surfaces. The pricier epoxy grout costs about $22 per kilogram.

Polymer grout

You can use acrylic grout or a polymer additive when you want more durable grouting results. This grout, made of cement and acrylic polymers, can either be sanded or left unsanded. It is stiffer and more difficult to distribute than standard cement-based adhesives. However, it is easier to work with than epoxy.

Polymer grout may or may not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). However, some brands have a very potent smell. Polymer grout is available in the same colours as other types; however, it does not require sealing after application.

For this reason, polymer grout, also known as pre-sealed grout, costs more than other types. You can expect to spend between $560 and $880 on polymer grouting for 80 sq. ft. of coverage.

Cement grout

It is the most commonly used type of grout. It is affordable, simple to use, and available in various colours. However, it is not advisable for grouting or regrouting shower tiles as all unsealed and unaltered cement grouts eventually discolour or develop mildew stains. Moreover, it almost invariably cracks over time. For both labour and supplies, grout cement costs between $400 and $600.

Furan resin grout

Furan resin grout is quite similar to epoxy grout. But, instead of epoxy resins, a polymer blend with fortified alcohols is usually employed. The name derives from the presence of furfuryl alcohol in the grout composition, which adds to its chemical resistance. Furan grout consists of two components: furan resin and a filler powder containing an acid catalyst. The acid cures the furan resin, forming a thermosetting resin with good thermal, chemical, and physical properties.

How Much Does Shower Regrouting Cost?

A full regrout of an average-sized shower might cost anywhere from around $560 to $1,750. The overall price depends on various factors, including the type of grout used and how much old grout needs to be removed. We have set out how much you may expect to pay below.

Cost to regrout your shower wall and floor tiles

Regular tile and grout cleaning can significantly reduce the build-up of mould and mildew. However, there are some situations when regrouting is the only option to shield your family from the health risks associated with fungal infestations. The wall and floor tiles in bathrooms get frequently exposed to water.

So, having your bathroom tiles regrouted is essential. Unattended broken grout can cause water to leak under the tiles, causing water damage. Consequently, your wall tiles may become loose and fall off due to the water underneath them. Regrouting shower tiles costs around $25 per square metre. However, this is only an estimate, and the final cost will depend on the project's specific needs.

Depending on the difficulty of the work, the cost of regrouting shower tiles can range anywhere between $25 and $40 per square metre. Expect to pay about $150 to regrout your bathroom tiles for a typical small bathroom around 3m by 2m in size. However, the cost will be less if your tradesman does not remove the old grout before regrouting.

Since cracked or damaged grout allows water to get under the tiles, causing water damage, regrouting shower tiles is essential to maintaining the integrity of your bathroom. As already mentioned, shower tile regrouting costs about $25 per square metre on the low end. However, the cost, also influenced by the colour of your shower tiles, might fluctuate.

Cost to regrout a bathtub

Bathtub regrouting can cost between $800 and $1,200. Your bathtub and any other neighbouring tiles that might need a little regrouting will often get done if you are regrouting your shower.

You also have the option of upgrading only one or the other. However, if the grout on your tub tiles and surrounding tiles match, you probably want to update everything at once. Additionally, you might be eligible for a price break if you request more work at once.

Cost to change your shower grout colour

Grout paint costs about $20 for each bottle, whereas the average shower's colour sealing process costs roughly $500. Regrouting or colour sealing are the two most popular ways to alter its colour. These paints are highly vivid and vibrant when used with an artist's paintbrush and may have glitter. However, keep in mind that most grout paints flake over time, especially in a humid environment.

Extra Costs Associated With Shower Regrouting

Applying a silicone grout sealer

The price to seal the grout in your shower ranges from around $1 to $2 per square foot. Applying a silicone sealant after regrouting will help to shield it from water damage and other harm. There are numerous varieties of sealers available. The cost of materials depends on the one you select and the quality. If you need to seal a larger area, your costs can increase.

Recaulking your shower

You will spend between $150 and $300 if you decide to recaulk your shower. The number of seams that require caulking, the caulk type, and the accessibility of the locations will all affect the final cost. It gets done in addition to regrouting to offer a new, clean appearance and a new seal to guard against water damage. Moreover, caulk is more versatile compared to grout.

Factors Affecting Shower Regrouting Cost

The following are some factors that affect how much it will cost to regrout your shower:

Shower size

It should not be surprising that large showers take longer to regrout than smaller ones. They also demand more supplies, depending on the size. Your regrouting professional will likely charge you by the hour. So, it is a fortunate turn of events that you can estimate how much extra money a large shower will cost.


Bathroom contractors set their fees on the number of hours they perform, as was just indicated. You can reduce the cost of your regrouting process in proportion to how quickly they can do it. Therefore, making your bathroom more accessible is advisable.

Ensure that you remove all towels, shower curtains, and mats before the contractor arrives to give you a quote. Show them they will have plenty of room to finish the assignment in the shortest time possible. Contractors respect space in both the literal and figurative senses. The more room you provide, the less money you will have to spend on your shower regrouting project.


It is necessary to purchase more building materials for any renovation project than you anticipate needing. Grout follows the same rules, by the way. You can make the most of the grout you already have if you have any leftover from a previous project (if still good).

If not, you will have to go to the closest department store to buy a fresh bucket or bag of grout. Sadly, this is more difficult because most homeowners cannot distinguish between the various grout colours. If you do not have the purchase receipt or label from when you bought the grout the first time, it will be challenging to match up the grout.

Therefore, it is usually advisable to make several purchases when making the initial buy. In the same vein, if you change the grout's colour, you will not have to worry about it matching the existing grout's colour. Despite this, you need to budget a little more for supplies in case of anything.

Labour costs

As previously discussed, regrouting experts will account for the maximum cost to regrout your shower. Professional contractors have the right to bill you an amount they deem acceptable based on the difficulty of the work. Luckily, the cost to regrout a shower is unaffordable for some people.

On the other hand, if you are up for tackling a simple but labour-intensive DIY job, you may cut the regrouting costs in half. Just remember that errors can cost you a lot of money in the long run. Be careful not to harm the tiles or the drywall underneath them because tile repair costs can be expensive.

Current condition of the grout

If your bathroom's current grouting is mouldy or worn out, the chances are there is moisture build-up beneath the tiles. Water damage may further increase the expense of regrouting. On the other hand, if you only need to regrout some tiles, the cost will be less than that of a complete regrout.

Geographical location

Varied regions have different labour rates for craftspeople. However, the cost of regrouting tends to increase if you live in a big city.

Other services

Any additional work your tradesman needs to complete will also affect the cost of regrouting your shower. The quoted price for regrouting includes the tiler's labour to remove the old grout and replace it; any additional work is chargeable. For instance, the tiler must apply a sealer if you are not using epoxy grout to stop water and other liquids from seeping into the grout and underneath the tiles.

How Long Does It Take To Regrout A Shower?

Any regrouting job like getting your bathrooms set up can be challenging, but it is just manual labour. A shower regrout should only take one day to complete. Allow it to cure for three days for your shower walls and seven days for your shower floors.

Benefits Of Regrouting Your Shower

In terms of regrouting a shower, homeowners have a variety of options. In actuality, you have the choice to do a bathroom remodel as opposed to only regrouting it. Nevertheless, there are advantages to regrouting your shower.

  • The primary advantage of the technique is the potential for cost savings that you can achieve compared to a complete renovation. Instead of buying new tiles and starting the process from scratch, you can save a lot of money by simply removing the old shower grout and replacing it with fresh grout.
  • Regrouting can also help to maintain the water tightness of the seal between tiles. As a result, there won't be any water leaking between the tiles, which would otherwise help the attachment of the mould.
  • Moreover, a shower regrout is one method to raise a bathroom's value while enhancing its aesthetic appeal. If you decide to update the look of the bathroom wall, you can even colour the newly poured grout.

What Else Can You Regrout?

Tile countertops and fireplaces require regrouting even though they do not get exposed to moisture as often as bathroom and shower tiles. This is because these regions are prone to dirt which would cause them to appear worn-out and dirty. Cooking on a countertop with grimy grout can be unhygienic and harm your family's health.

Regrouting the tiles is a secure way to keep your fireplace and countertop looking new. To protect your family from hazardous chemical emissions, regrout your tiles instead of utilising harsh chemical cleaners to remove mould and mildew. You may have to spend at least $25 per square metre to regrout the tile on your fireplace or countertop.

Interested In Regrouting Your Shower?

Shower regrouting may be a terrific idea in a number of situations. For a lot less money than retiling or replacing the unit, it offers your bathroom additional protection against water damage and makes it more appealing. Therefore, if you want to regrout your shower, you can choose to undertake it as a DIY project which is often not recommended, or contact a reliable bathroom renovator near you for the best result.

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