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Creative Small Bathroom Ideas

You may have different reasons why you wish to create an illusion of space in your bathroom. Your small bathroom design may be fantastic. But you may also want to maximise your space while retaining style.

Read on to get some great small ensuite bathroom space-saving ideas. These include bathroom storage ideas, small bathroom design ideas, and bathroom design choices. Also, this article will consider space-saving ideas for small bathroom renovations. Finally, you can find out how to get help for your small ensuite bathroom space-saving ideas.

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Build recessed shelving

Using recessed shelving gives you some benefits:

  • It has a practical use as a great space saver.
  • It offers visual appeal. You can keep your toiletries neat and off your surfaces.
  • Think about how beautiful the result can be with recessed light fittings.
  • You can even build recessed shelving into false walls to hide pipework.

Keep essentials in mirrored cabinets

Mirrored cabinets are a great space-saving bathroom design idea. The mirror can reflect your image and is helpful for checking your looks. Also, the mirrored cabinet reflects light which makes the bathroom feel bigger.

But that is not all; mirrored cabinets give you extra storage while maintaining clear surfaces. For instance, you could have a medicine cabinet and other essentials in there. They also make your small ensuite feel bigger while giving your ideal home a great look.

Use floating box shelves

This bathroom feature is common in most small bathroom ideas and designs. Floating box shelves give you the room to organise space in your small bathroom while also ensuring you have the storage space you need.

Go for wall mounted taps

Using wall-mounted taps is yet another bathroom space-saving idea. You can fashion out a wider walkway and a narrower sink with wall-mounted faucets. This design makes it easier to stand and brush your teeth and can help you free up wall space if you use wall-hung basins. That freed-up space can house laundry baskets. Now, that would be putting your practical smart bathroom storage ideas to good use.

Use floating sinks

Today's modern bathrooms benefit from freed-up floor spaces. When you get things off the floor, your room appears larger. To achieve this effect, use floating sinks. Consider using oval sinks rather than square sinks. The former helps you create more counter space in your small bathroom.

Hang towel racks behind the door

Hang towel racks or hooks at the back of the bathroom door to achieve some space and make your bathroom feel bigger. This is incredibly useful in homes without pocket doors. Hanging two or more towel racks vertically rather than just one creates even more space.

Make use of ledges

Adding a ledge below the sink or above the toilet gives helpful storage space. You can keep your daily essentials like soaps and creams there.

Get stackable baskets

Stackable baskets can help create more storage space for spare linen and extra toilet paper.

Install a wall-mounted vanity

Space-saving small ensuite ideas can include installing a wall-mounted vanity. As you 'float' the vanity off the floor, you create an illusion of more space. This is preferable to installing a floor-standing bathroom vanity.

Use ladders and baskets

This is a popular strategy among small bathroom ideas and designs. Ladders are pretty mobile and can be quite attractive to have at home. They may serve you as storage shelves, organisers, or towel bars. Ladders and baskets are also a charming and functional combination for managing bathroom clutter.

Small Ensuite Bathroom Design Ideas

You may want to increase your property's value and functionality by adding an ensuite. But, if all you have is a tight space, you need some small ensuite ideas. When done right, these ensuite ideas can result in efficient bathroom designs. Here are some more creative bathroom ideas and designs.

Use of mirrors

Mirrors can make your bathroom seem more prominent. Even if it is a wall-to-wall mirror, a floor-to-ceiling mirror, or simple expansions, the right mirror can make the room look bigger.

Larger tiles

Your small bathroom will also appear more extensive when you incorporate larger bathroom tiles and patterns. Larger tiles trick the eye into seeing expansive latitude with fewer grout and lines, making the bathroom appear broader. Besides, large bathroom tiles with minimal grout are easier to clean.

You can also make your wall, and floor tiles uniform to create the illusion of a bigger space. While you are at it, use the same design to tile the side of your bath and the wall. The result is blended perceptions that make your space feel larger. Avoid using tiles that need contrasting grout lines. They can make your bathroom space feel smaller.

Lighter colours

Your bathroom can look more prominent when the walls and floor are lightly coloured. Usually, using white or neutral colours works best for a small bathroom. For example, you could choose a neutral palette for your shower floor tiles.

Install ceiling lights

Installing flush-mounted ceiling lights can give the perception of a larger space. Try adding more lighting around the vanity area. Perhaps, you can try using a lighted mirror or tape lighting.

Still, on the subject of lighting, a small bathroom appears bigger with big skylights. Complement the effect with crossing mirrors, ample lighting, and accent walls for even better results.

More natural light

Allow in more natural light through the windows to open up your room. Alternatively, go for shutters rather than frosted glass if you want privacy.

Shower And Bath Combo Design

You do not have to give up the luxury of a bathtub to create more space. You can opt for a shower and bath combination. Install a free-standing bathtub rather than a built-in bath. You are free to move it around or angle it to create more floor and wall space.

Early planning of your bathroom layout can help in implementing a free-standing bath. For instance, creating a wet zone is a great way to save space on bathroom floor plans. The wet zone can be positioned between the shower and the bath.

Switch to sliding shower doors or pocket doors

Sliding shower doors and pocket doors help to create more space. When they open, they use less space. Thus, the extra swinging space than traditional hinged doors need is no longer necessary. You may also choose to use shower doors as a component of shower enclosures.

Install glass shower walls

You may decide to use shower curtains instead of installing glass shower screens. Shower curtains can get dirty, decay with time, and are less durable. You may have to replace them constantly for a fresh look.

Install a glass shower wall rather than a glass shower screen or divider. Such screens and dividers block the line of vision and make the room appear smaller. On the other hand, glass shower walls do not limit view.

You should swap your bath with a shower if you wish to turn up the style with a walk-in shower. This will give your bathroom more breathing room and make it feel bigger.

Install a wall-mounted toilet

Use a wall-mounted toilet to create an illusion of more space. The outcome is even better if it features a hidden cistern. This way, it takes up less space on the walls.

Do not install the toilet on the side of your front door. Ideally, when you open your door to go into your bathroom, you should not be able to see the toilet from across your bedroom.

Install creative heating solutions

Underfloor heating helps you save money on heating bills and create more space. You can also be creative and add a stylish and modern heated towel rail to your bathroom. More importantly, it leaves out the need for the traditionally bulky radiator.

Add accent walls

Small bathrooms can gain definition and character with accent walls. Accent walls give rooms a focal point that switches one's attention from their size.

Add an outside view window

Adding an outside view window to your bathroom allows you to enjoy views of your surroundings in the mornings. Place a strategic glass window over the sink to open up the room. This visually extends the walls so that your small bathroom appears larger.

Design Choices For Modern Compact Bathrooms

An all-white design

Your modern bathroom features might include patterned white walls with matching floor tiles. You could also make do with white painted smart tongue-and-groove wall panels.

Think about adding a glass-enclosed shower and recessed shelving for storage and lighting. Accent walls draw the eyes, while the glass shower walls effectively keep the middle space clear.

All-white with a hint of colour

A white colour scheme is grand for a narrow bathroom. But this is not always true, as it can feel somewhat stark. You might have to compromise by adding a hint of colour to your walls. Remember, the colour should be light enough to give an airy feel.

Vintage black and white

Narrow ensuites can also look great with black and white designs. Simply upgrade your narrow white bathroom with patterned tile walls and black coloured fixtures. The fixtures could include black-framed mirrors and pendant lamps. You could even go for deep matte black fixtures.

Sunny yellow design

Prefer a brighter mix of colours? You can liven up your white bathroom with a fresh coat of butterscotch or amber. These blend well with honeycomb floor tiles featuring shades of brown. Finally, complement it all with delightful yellow accents, and you have yourself a sunny yellow, fun room.

Try bare concrete for some minimalism

Bare essentials have their appeal. Try managing without decor and accents. Keep only the basics and leave out anything unnecessary or excessive. In other words, smooth bare concrete walls and floors and a wide glass window.

In addition, you could set up a glass separator, shelves, and a chrome shower set or add a rustic touch with a handy wooden seat.

Darker paint and tile choices

The thing for narrow ensuites is to use white decorations as the effect is an airy feel. Darker paint shades can look fabulous and trendy while making your small space feel cosier. Some people prefer the ambience and cocooning effect of darker paint colours. Also, tiny bathrooms can feel intimate with dark colours such as grey bathroom walls.

The problem with dark colours is they absorb light easily. This can make your room feel smaller, flat, and restricted. One way out is to use reflective surfaces so light can quickly bounce around the space. For instance, you can use light marble slabs, mirrors, bright books, and other bathroom decorations to break the monotony.

Use natural stone to add personality

With a continuous run of tiles, natural stone can make your narrow bathroom space feel bigger.

Options for tiles

One way to add depth and character is to use blue subway tiles. But, ensure that you do not crowd your walls. You could also add a surprise element by combining live moss wall tiles with warm wood-themed ones.

Space-Saving Ideas For Small Bathroom Renovation

Choose the right fixtures

Your small bathroom fixtures should be adequately sized for functionality and style. So, choose the right size for your toilet seat or bathtub. Scale down if the bathtub seems too large for your narrow bathroom space.

That might mean getting rid of big and bulky baths. You will be surprised by just how much space you create in the tiny bathroom after removing bulky items. Customise key bathroom features as well to suit the narrow ensuites. Try tailored cabinetry; they are not overly expensive. Some professionals can produce custom-made cabinetry to perfectly fit your space.

Maximise your space

The more visible floor space, the more spacious the bathroom feels. You can achieve this by replacing hinged doors in a confined bathroom with sliding shower doors. Similarly, you should make the most of wall spaces. For example, you could position the shower over the bath. Your bath could also have storage panels to optimise space usage.

Try installing minimalist accessories too. Minimalist pieces can free up a lot of space. Do not crowd the room with too many wall decorations. Keep your walls clean. Ultimately, you want to keep your small bathroom feeling open architecturally and visually.

Use impactful but straightforward lighting

Tiny bathrooms do not always demand much in terms of lighting costs. You can install sophisticated lighting with a modest budget. This is because only a limited area needs lighting. Besides, you can easily combine mirrored appliances, reflective surfaces, and small, simple lighting. Remember, you can also enhance the overall effect using LED lighting.

Use indoor plants

Indoor plants can assist in purifying the air. They create an airy feel and open up the space making it seem bigger. However, choose a plant that can survive bathroom conditions.

Talk To Professional Bathroom Designers

We have discussed great tips above for small bathroom storage ideas, design ideas, design choices, and renovation ideas. Now you are ready to try them out. But what if you get stuck? For example, you may want an in-wall cistern and wall-hung toilet to bring your walls and tiling into focus. This is where you may need a competent team of professional bathroom designers.

Perhaps, you would love to have marble floors and walls with modern fittings and emerald accent walls. Or you prefer one of the bathroom design ideas above. You may even want customised bathroom features that suit your space.

These professionals have excellent bathroom storage hacks for real homes when it comes to creating space. They can help you with the best shower ideas that meet interior design needs.

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