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Plumbers And Bathroom Renovation

Doing bathroom renovations is a great way to make the facility more functional. Note that your bathroom is one of the most used facilities at home. All members of your family visit the bathroom in the morning or any other time for various reasons. Therefore, it needs to be functional and appealing at all times.

You should make sure that all the parts are working perfectly and in good condition. When you decide to renovate your bathroom, you should consider the areas you want to improve. One of the areas that play a significant role in enhancing the functionality of your home is the plumbing system.

Your bathroom plumbing system has three major parts. These parts include fixtures and equipment, the water supply system, and an adequate drainage system. It is also good to note that there are other areas connected to the plumbing system. Therefore, when doing a bathroom renovation, a plumber should be part of the team.

Plumbers play a vital role in the renovation process to ensure you meet the set goals. This article looks at the roles a plumber plays in bathroom renovations and reasons to hire the best for your project.

Roles Of A Plumber In Bathroom Renovations

If you decide to perform bathroom renovations, a plumber helps do a lot of work. You need to know that a bathroom takes a huge part of your home’s plumbing system. Therefore, as you do the renovations, a plumber should be at the core of your project.

A plumber can help with any job that touches on plumbing and aims to improve your system. Here are some of the ways that a plumber can help when renovating your bathroom.

Improve Your Water Supply System

One of the ways that your plumber can help when doing bathroom renovations is by improving the water supply system. Water is a basic necessity in the bathroom. Therefore, if you do not have the right supply, your bathroom functionality is affected. Your plumber can come in and help by improving the piping system to ensure that the pipes supply your bathroom with enough water.

Moreover, they help improve the pipes that drain water from the bathroom to the main drainage system. A plumber can ensure that the cold and hot water systems are working in the right way to improve your bathroom functionality.

Replace Fittings and Fixtures

Bathroom renovations involve plumbing and electrics whereby you replace some fixtures and fittings. Most of your bathroom fittings and fixtures are connected to the plumbing and electrical system. Your plumber ensures that the new fittings and fixtures work perfectly with your bathroom outlets and inlets.

Some of the new fittings need re-plumbing even when they are in the same position. For instance, if you want to replace the floor-standing vanity and have a wall-hung vanity unit, your plumber with the help of your cabinet makers helps to reposition the waste pipes to hide the pipework. A cabinet maker has the technical skills required to do all your bathroom design work.

Source All the Needed Fittings and Fixtures

A plumber also plays a vital role in sourcing all the required fittings and fixtures for your bathroom renovations project. When you hire a plumber, they should take full responsibility for all the plumbing work to be done during the renovation project.

Plumbers help source high-quality fixtures and fittings that will last for many years. Due to their experience, they know the best suppliers for all the required products.

Upgrade Your Hot water System

If you are experiencing low pressure in your bathroom, your renovation process should also entail upgrading the hot water system. During a bathroom renovation, a plumber plays a great role in upgrading your hot water system. Your plumber helps in replacing fittings and tapware throughout your house for mains pressure.

As you replace your taps and shower in your bathroom, upgrading the mains pressure is a great thing. Plumbers also help install a tempering valve to your storage hot water system. This valve helps maintain the constant pressure of the hot water that comes out of showerheads and specific taps in your home.

Install New Baths

Your bathroom designer and plumber can help replace or re-install a new bath. You can decide to replace the bath to make the bathroom more functional. Your plumber knows the exact dimensions of the bath that will work perfectly for your space. They can help maximise your bath space, taking into consideration the rest areas of your bathroom. Moreover, plumbers help install the right bath that matches your renovation goals.

Toilet Repair and Relocation

If you want to repair or relocate your toilet, a plumber can do the job perfectly. As you carry out a bathroom redesign, a plumber will ensure that the job is done well and also give your bathroom a new look.

Improve Waste Collection and Movement

You need to note that waste collection and movement are very important processes in your bathroom functionality. Therefore, as you do a bathroom renovation, you must consider ways that can make the two processes more efficient.

Your plumber helps in ensuring that waste movement and collection is done perfectly in your home. They help install waste pipes that ensure that all the waste moves smoothly to the sewer.

Perform Repair Works

A plumber also does the required repair works during the bathroom renovation process. They help do the repairs required when relocating, redesigning and renovating your bathroom. These include repairs to the bathroom floor like removing or replacing timber flooring, walls, outdoor concrete, ceilings, and others.

Install New Drain and Sewer Lines

When doing bathroom renovations, it is necessary to ensure that all the drain and sewer lines are working effectively. You can also decide to upgrade the sewer lines to ensure smooth drainage from your home.

A plumber helps upgrade the waste, drain, and vent system. This upgrade ensures a smooth flow of water from your fixtures and out of your home. A licensed plumber also inspects, repairs and installs anything related to the vent and sewer system.

Prevent Leaks

During bathroom renovations, your plumber does all the necessary work to prevent leaks. To ensure that you will never experience leaks after the renovation, plumbers inspect all the newly installed pipes to ensure they are in perfect condition. They also inspect your entire facility for signs of leaks and take the necessary actions.

Why Hire A Plumber For Bathroom Renovations?

As you can see, there are many roles that a plumber plays during bathroom renovations. They work hard to ensure you meet all your renovation goals. Here are some reasons why you should hire a plumber for your bathroom renovation project.

Renovation is Done According to the Law

When doing bathroom renovations, you should ensure that the job is done according to the laid down building codes. You should only hire a licensed plumber since they know all the building rules and regulations.

Your plumber can help do the renovation in a way that does not put you into problems with the building authorities. If your renovation project is found to be against the set codes, you can be fined a lot of money and, to some extent, be forced to demolish it.

Have Vast Experience in Bathroom Renovations

A plumber has performed other bathroom renovations projects similar to yours. So, you can be sure that they will offer you high-quality work that meets your expectations. Regardless of the size or complexity of the renovation work you want to do, a licensed plumber can help complete the job within the stipulated time. With their vast experience, a plumber can also help you acquire high-quality renovation products that guarantee long-lasting solutions.

You get a guarantee and warranty for all the products, fixtures, and fittings used for your renovation project. A plumber can also advise you on the best way to do the renovation work to attain more customised results.

Offer Quick Renovation Results

As mentioned above, your bathroom is used by all people in your home on a daily basis. As a result, the renovation work should be completed within the shortest time possible. With their vast knowledge and experience, you can rest assured that a plumber will complete their work on time.

Plumbers give you a specific deadline on when they will complete the job. They also understand the location of the pipes and do a thorough assessment of the bathroom. This allows them to work quickly and finish the renovation job on time, causing no inconveniences in your home.

Help Identify Existing Problems

A plumber can help identify an existing problem in your bathroom during the renovation process. With your limited knowledge and skills, it may be hard to identify such issues. However, a plumber will assess and find other problems that need repair.

For instance, there may be a clogging problem which a plumber can fix when carrying out the renovation work. The plumber can also examine the piping system and determine if the pipes require repair or replacement.

Perform the Renovation Job Right the First Time

You do not want mistakes to happen during your bathroom renovations. You can only be sure that the job will be done right the first time by working with a highly qualified bathroom renovator and plumber.

They do not make mistakes and will complete the job fast. Plumbers also help ensure that you get long-lasting results. Some of the problems, such as clogs, backing up toilets, and others you experience frequently, are eliminated.

Get Covered by Insurance and Warranty

All plumbers must have the right insurance covers. Thus, when you hire a plumber to work on your bathroom renovations, you have peace of mind knowing you are fully protected from all issues that may occur.

You can be sure that if any issue arises, you do not incur extra costs. Plumbers also give a warranty. This ensures that if an issue arises during the period covered, they will do repairs or replacements at no cost.


Most people make the mistake of trying to DIY to save on renovation costs. However, most end up realising that it is more cost-effective to hire a plumber for their project. A plumber offers long-lasting renovation results, thus helping you save money you would otherwise spend doing other repairs and replacements from a botched DIY attempt.

Moreover, plumbers come equipped with all tools and other materials needed. If you try DIY renovations, you have to purchase all the materials and products. This means you end up spending more than you would if you just hire a plumber. You also have to learn how to use most of these tools, thus wasting time in the process.

Why Hire A Professional Plumber?

You will learn that most of the tasks involved in a bathroom renovation process touch on the plumbing system. Thus, a plumber comes in handy during the renovation work. They offer great results and provide you with your dream bathroom. All you need to do is hire the most reputable and experienced plumber to work on your project.

Check that your plumber has a good reputation among past customers. You should also take time to check their recent projects to find out if they are worth hiring. Depending on your renovation budget, ensure that you look for a plumber charging the most affordable price.