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Discover the unmatched potential of bathroom renovations with Elev8, where every project in Sydney is a journey towards perfection. From luxurious makeovers to efficient budget transformations, we tailor each renovation to fulfil your unique desires and needs.

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Elev8 your bathroom

Elev8 Bathroom Renovations specialises in transforming bathrooms across Sydney, offering a spectrum of services tailored to meet every need. Whether you're dreaming of a luxurious spa-like retreat, need a practical yet stylish budget bathroom for your rental property, or require specialised solutions for commercial or outdoor spaces, we're here to bring your vision to life. Our team is dedicated to delivering bespoke renovations that reflect your personal style and enhance your home's value, ensuring every project, big or small, is executed with the utmost care and precision.

Exploring our bathroom renovation services

At Elev8, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our bathroom renovation services. Our offerings range from high-end luxury and bespoke bathrooms to modern, classic, and budget-friendly designs. We also specialise in maximising the potential of small bathrooms, creating efficient ensuites, updating apartment bathrooms, and designing accessible commercial bathrooms. Each service is designed to meet the unique demands of our Sydney clients, ensuring your renovated bathroom is not only beautiful but also functional.

Customisation through cabinetry and countertops

Custom cabinetry and stone benchtops are central to our bespoke bathroom renovations. Elev8 collaborates with you to select the perfect materials and designs that complement your vision for the space. From sleek, modern vanities to timeless, classic counters, we offer a wide range of options to suit every taste and budget. Our expert team ensures every piece is crafted with precision, transforming your bathroom into a space that's as functional as it is stunning.

Flooring: the foundation of style

Choosing the right flooring is crucial for setting your bathroom's style and ensuring its durability. Elev8 offers a comprehensive selection of flooring options, from luxurious marble to practical and stylish porcelain tiles. We guide you through choosing a material that not only matches your aesthetic preferences but also stands up to the rigours of bathroom use. Our flooring solutions are designed to withstand moisture, resist wear, and maintain their beauty for years to come, making them a perfect foundation for your bathroom renovation.

Our services

Elev8 Bathroom Renovations offers a comprehensive suite of services to meet every need and exceed expectations for homeowners in Sydney. Our expertise spans across various types of bathroom renovations, ensuring personalised solutions that align with your vision and requirements.


Transform your everyday routine into an indulgent experience with our luxury bathroom renovations. Elev8 specialises in creating opulent spaces that combine premium materials, elegant designs, and advanced fixtures to deliver unparalleled comfort and sophistication.


Your unique vision deserves a tailored approach. Our bespoke bathroom renovations allow for complete customisation, ensuring every detail reflects your personal style and functional needs. Elev8 brings your dream bathroom to life with precision and creativity.


Embrace the sleek, minimalist beauty of modern design with our contemporary bathroom renovations. Elev8 stays ahead of the latest trends to offer stylish solutions that feature clean lines, innovative materials, and smart technology integration.


Timeless elegance never goes out of style. Our classic bathroom renovations focus on enduring beauty, combining traditional designs with quality craftsmanship to create spaces that exude warmth and refinement.


Maximise your space without compromising on style or functionality. Elev8's small bathroom renovations are cleverly designed to enhance storage, improve layout, and introduce elements that make your bathroom feel more spacious and inviting.


Elevate your private retreat with our ensuite bathroom renovations. Whether you're updating an existing space or adding a new ensuite, Elev8 ensures a seamless blend of comfort, convenience, and style.


Specialising in apartment bathroom renovations, Elev8 understands the unique challenges and opportunities these spaces present. We deliver smart, space-saving solutions that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your bathroom.


Bring the luxury of an outdoor bathroom to your home with Elev8. Our outdoor bathroom renovations focus on creating serene, nature-inspired spaces that offer a unique blend of privacy and openness.


Elev8 extends its services to commercial clients, offering bathroom renovations that prioritise durability, efficiency, and style. Perfect for businesses, restaurants, and more, our commercial bathroom solutions are designed to meet the high demands of public use.

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The art of tiling

Tiling plays a crucial role in defining the aesthetic and functional quality of your bathroom. At Elev8, we understand that the right tile can elevate the entire look of your bathroom, which is why we offer an extensive selection of ceramic, porcelain, natural stone, and glass tiles. Each type of tile brings its unique beauty and durability, allowing for endless design possibilities. Our experts assist in selecting the perfect tiles to create a harmonious design that complements your style, from minimalist modern to richly textured classic looks, ensuring your bathroom is not only beautiful but also practical and long-lasting.

Maximising light with skylights

Introducing natural light into your bathroom can transform it from a standard space into a serene sanctuary. Elev8 specialises in the installation of skylights, creating brighter, more airy bathrooms that connect you with the outdoors. Skylights not only enhance the ambiance but also improve ventilation and energy efficiency. Whether you're looking for a fixed skylight to flood your space with light or a ventilated option to improve air quality, our team ensures a seamless integration with your bathroom design, elevating the overall experience of your personal retreat.

Creating space with extensions

When your dream bathroom requires more space than your current layout offers, Elev8's extension services come into play. We expertly handle bathroom extensions, ensuring every new square inch is maximised for beauty and functionality. From adding a luxurious freestanding tub to creating a spacious walk-in shower, our extensions are designed to meet your specific needs while seamlessly blending with your home's existing architecture. Our team manages the entire process, from design through construction, ensuring your extended bathroom becomes the oasis you envisioned.

Our comprehensive package solutions

Elev8 offers bundled renovation packages that streamline the process of transforming your home. Our comprehensive packages can combine bathroom renovations with kitchen or laundry updates, providing a cohesive design and renovation experience. This approach not only ensures stylistic harmony across your living spaces but also offers the convenience and efficiency of having a single team manage multiple projects. Whether you're looking to update your bathroom and kitchen simultaneously or add a laundry renovation into the mix, our packages are tailored to fit your unique needs and preferences, making your home renovation journey as seamless as possible.

Ensuring longevity with professional repair services

At Elev8, we view professional repair services as the perfect opportunity to not just fix but enhance and upgrade your bathroom. Addressing repair needs promptly opens the door to considering how each fix can contribute to a more extensive renovation, transforming your space into something new and improved. Whether it’s upgrading to modern fixtures when fixing a leaky faucet or choosing more durable, stylish tiles to replace damaged ones, every repair is an opportunity for enhancement. Elev8 encourages homeowners to see beyond the immediate fix, envisioning a bathroom renovation that increases both the space's value and its functionality for the future.

Preparing for transformation with demolition

Demolition is a pivotal first step in the bathroom renovation process, setting the stage for a comprehensive transformation. At Elev8, we approach demolition with precision and care, ensuring the space is thoroughly prepared for its new design and features. Our skilled professionals handle all aspects of demolition, from safely removing old fixtures and finishes to addressing structural changes. This meticulous preparation ensures a smooth transition to the renovation phase, allowing for the seamless execution of your new bathroom design. With Elev8, demolition is more than just clearing space; it's about laying a solid foundation for your bathroom's future.

Complete bathroom fixture upgrades

Elev8 Bathroom Renovations Sydney takes your bathroom transformation to the next level with comprehensive fixture upgrades. Whether you're considering a sleek shower renovation, a modern toilet installation, or the addition of an elegant sink, our team has the expertise to enhance every aspect of your space. Our services extend to luxurious bathtub installations, stylish bathroom taps, durable shower screens, and reflective bathroom mirrors, ensuring your renovation covers every detail. Each upgrade is carefully selected to match your aesthetic and functional desires, bringing together style, comfort, and convenience in one harmonious design. With Elev8, every element of your bathroom reflects perfection.

Why choose Elev8 for your bathroom renovation

Choosing Elev8 for your bathroom renovation means partnering with a team committed to excellence. Our dedication to quality, attention to detail, and personalised service sets us apart, ensuring each project reflects our client's vision and exceeds their expectations. From the initial design consultation to the final reveal, Elev8 offers a comprehensive renovation experience, guided by our expertise in the latest trends and materials. We pride ourselves on creating spaces that are not only beautiful and functional but also tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of each homeowner.

Start your bathroom transformation journey

Begin your bathroom renovation journey with Elev8 and take the first step towards realising the space of your dreams. Our team is ready to guide you through every stage of the process, offering personalised advice and solutions tailored to your vision and requirements. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can transform your bathroom into a space that combines beauty, functionality, and style. With Elev8, your ideal bathroom renovation is within reach, executed with precision, creativity, and the highest standard of craftsmanship.

Elev8 makes your bathroom renovation easy, transforming what could be a complex and stressful process into a smooth and enjoyable journey. Our dedicated team guides you through every step, from the initial design concept to the final touches, ensuring a hassle-free experience. We combine expertise, creativity, and meticulous attention to detail to bring your vision to life, making your dream bathroom a reality. With Elev8, you're not just renovating your bathroom; you're elevating your entire home's comfort and value. Trust us to make your bathroom renovation easy and discover the joy of transforming your space into a sanctuary that truly reflects your style and meets your needs.