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Modernise Your Bathroom

When you are in the middle of planning a bathroom renovation, you probably already have one or two design ideas in mind. But are they modern enough? Renovating a bathroom to look modern isn't rocket science, but it's also easy to end up with a boring bathroom design. Some bathroom ideas are very common, and so many bathrooms tend to have the same design.

There is more to the bathroom than just a place to clean yourself up and get ready for the day. Your bathroom should reflect peace and serenity with beautifully arranged elements. Okay, no need to be alarmed; a beautiful and serene bathroom does not mean that you will have to empty your bank account. With the right bathroom design ideas, any bathroom can go from drab to extraordinary, even on a budget. Read on to learn how!

Top Renovation Ideas For Your Bathroom

Here are creative ways to spruce up your bathroom:

Suspended cabinets

If you want to keep your bathroom organised and stylish, a floating vanity or an under-the-sink cabinet is a great option. A suspended cabinet under the sink eliminates the need for end-to-end cupboards and frees up valuable floor space.

Refurbish old bathroom features

Replacing worn-out cabinets can be an expensive proposition. To save money, you can simply paint the doors and the base of your current cabinets to give them a new look. With wood-look laminate doors, you can transform your drab bathroom into a chic space. Ensure to choose a paint colour that matches the theme of the bathroom design you're going with.

Decorative shower panels

A sleek, contemporary shower panel can take the place of that dated shower fixture. To top it all off, it will not only enhance your morning shower, but it also looks fantastic. Alternatively, you can use a large sunflower-style shower head or a multipurpose hand-held shower head in place of the old one.

Upgrade Bathroom Fixtures And Hardware

As time passes, bathroom fixtures begin to tarnish and lose their lustre. Upgrading the hardware in your bathroom, such as the faucets, towel rails, cabinet knobs, toilet paper holders, and drawer handles, can give it an instant and inexpensive facelift. For a seamless, unified look, match the metallic accents on the fittings to the ones on the lighting fixtures.

Toilets and cisterns

Toilets with concealed flush tanks are a perfect fit for modern bathrooms. Making a fake wall to hide the old toilet tank can be a more cost-effective option than a complete bathroom renovation. Also, if you want to save more water, consider getting a tank with a low flow.

Use lights

It's rare to find a bathroom with enough natural light. With the right LED lighting, you can enhance the ambience of your bathroom while also making it easier for you to shave and apply make-up. Installing backlit mirrors or hidden lights in your bathroom can transform the space.

You can achieve a dramatic effect in a small room by using more elaborate lighting fixtures, which can produce an exciting play of light and shadow.  Bathroom downlights, which are also installed in the bathroom's ceiling, are another option worth considering. Because you cannot move them to suit your preferences and the needs of your bathroom schemes, these are less versatile than spotlights.

Consider an illuminated mirror if you're looking to add lighting to your bathroom furniture. In the midst of your bathroom's neutral palette, a mirror like this can cast a bright light. They come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. In order to provide a nice border around your sink and vanity space, these mirrors are perfect.

Install floating shelves

As long as the remainder of the décor (cabinets, vanity mirrors, etc.) is cohesive, floating shelves can be both functional and visually appealing. Floating shelves can be installed in a variety of ways, including as a single unit or in multiples of the same height. Open shelving can be decorative if placed correctly, but it is essential to remember that the shelves must be kept clean and orderly in order to look good.

Add all-glass shower walls

Shower dividers made of glass are not only helpful in separating your shower area from the rest of the bathroom, but they also look elegant and don't make the space appear any smaller. Installing glass partitions in your bathroom is a cost-effective way to upgrade the space's appearance. Plus, you get to feel like you just stepped out of a Pinterest bathroom inspiration image every time you have your shower!

Incorporate large mirrors

In smaller bathrooms, large mirrors can be a lifesaver. They can give the appearance of more space and light in a small bathroom. Mirror frames can be as simple or ornate as you like, whether they're modern or antique. A large mirror on one wall, or multiple partitions, can completely transform the appearance of your bathroom.

Accessories For The Bathroom

You can use any accessories you like in your modern bathroom design! Add some accessories here and there to keep the bathroom modern and minimalistic, but be careful not to go overboard. You can incorporate bathroom décor into many interior design plans, especially heavy fixtures like vanity units or a feature wall.

This is a great tip to keep in mind when brainstorming design ideas for your modern bathroom because accessories can be personal and unique. It's your house, so why not add a few personal touches to make it uniquely yours? With a wide array of selections, you can achieve the modern bathroom design you desire.

Consider swanky lighting accessories, but make sure they're easy on the eyes and don't provide too much contrast before you use them. Chandeliers belong in the bedroom or living room, so if you're thinking about getting one, save it for those rooms only and not the bathroom.

The best modern bathrooms you've probably seen on Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms for inspiration, come with a variety of plants and leafy friends. However, why have plants become such a prominent feature in the most minimalistic modern bathrooms? Using plants in your bathroom is an excellent way to keep it up-to-date.

A wide range of bathroom ideas incorporates plants because they look so good in today's modern bathrooms. Whether it's an ivy trailing across your shower, or a more miniature succulent at the base of your mirror vanity, plants are an essential part of your modern bathroom's design inspiration. Asparagus ferns and begonias thrive in bathrooms because they thrive in humid conditions.

Adding different plants to your bathroom is also a great way to make your bathroom feel more like home than a cold hotel bathroom. With the modern design theme, it is easy for your bathroom to look like a bathroom that just dropped from the internet and less like home, but that's where personal touches such as plants save the day.

A little-known fact about houseplants is that they have many beneficial properties for the air in your home. A peace lily, for example, purifies the air in a bathroom; what a great idea! Your boring old bathroom doesn't have to cost a fortune to be updated. You won't have to spend a fortune to transform your bathroom into a peaceful haven. Your ideal modern bathroom design can come to life with a few simple tweaks to the décor or simple additions.

More Tips For A Modern Bathroom

Wall-mounted furniture

If you want a modern bathroom, you'll need a lot of space. You can achieve this in several ways, such as having a walk-in shower that gives the illusion of more space. Even better, you can achieve a sleek, polished appearance with wall-mounted furniture in the bathroom.

Furniture that can be wall-mounted in a bathroom or shower room is an excellent way to save some space and make the area more functional. Your modern bathroom will appear more spacious if you have a toilet or sink that is attached to the wall. Similarly, with a sleek mid-century vanity unit, you will transform your shower room into the modern space of your dreams.


Tiles are a great way to update the look of your bathroom, whether you prefer a crisp white or a minimalist mid-century design. Tiles can be utilised on the floor or wall to create a high-class look with lines of pristine tiling. The material and colour of your tiles are essential considerations.

Some people prefer the luxury look of marble tiles, while others prefer the more affordable options of ceramic or even stone tiles. When it comes to shapes and lines, arranging your floor tiles in diagonal lines can enhance the space-saving aspect of the bathroom design.

By giving your design the appearance of space, you're able to create a more pleasurable user experience. In terms of tiles for your walls, grey tiles are a popular choice because they give your wall a sleek, sheen appearance. For a design that your guests will be wowed by, pair your tiles with a statement mirror!

Incorporate bathroom technology

Another thing to keep in mind for a modern bathroom design is to use technology. Even if it's just some nice motion-sensor lighting on your vanity unit, adding some technology to your design will give it a more modern feel.

Underfloor heating, a heated towel rail, and many other options are great tech ideas you can add to your bathroom. This simple technology transforms your bathroom from just a toilet, sink, and shower combination into a stylish and functional space in your house that you'd be proud to show off to guests. This is one of the most valuable tips in terms of both appearance and utility. A bathroom is an essential room in your house, and you shouldn't slack on its functionality or aesthetic appeal.

If you want to address any concerns about functionality, tech home products are a must-have. Think about incorporating innovative home technology into your design if you want your guests to remember their time in your house. Technology makes all the difference and hits the spot in your bathroom when considering functionality and comfort. Plus, there are a variety of options that can suit many budgets.

Shower with rainfall ceiling

A ceiling-mounted rain shower is a great way to add a modern flair to your home. Rather than using a wall-mounted showerhead, a rain shower allows water to gently fall from the ceiling. If you like the option of having a few extra luxuries in your home, this shower option is perfect for you. They're stylish and comfortable too.

A rainfall ceiling shower is a simple way to add a touch of luxury to your master bathroom without spending a fortune. To put it simply, it's a great idea if you're looking for the perfect balance between comfort and character, designer style, and ultimate functionality in your fixtures.

Choosing a sleek model that provides a great showering experience calls for matching the character of your bathroom with designer bathroom décor. Small finishes must feature the utmost style, and this style should flow into the rest of the fixtures and surrounding elements, such as towel racks, for instance.

Furnishings with curved edges

Selecting bathroom furniture that not only fits the mood and pattern of design but also provides enough beauty and efficacy for the room's space to truly flow is often a significant challenge people face. As previously stated, your bathroom needs to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Curved furniture, similar to baths, can provide your home or apartment bathroom with the necessary stability. Nothing beats curved bathtubs, corner showers, and other curved pieces when it comes to bathroom décor.

Exposed materials

Exposed materials are another option for giving your bathroom a stylish makeover. Grey concrete, exposed brickwork, and hardwood floors are all standard bathroom finishes in modern homes.

With industrial-style shelves and these materials, you can create classic modern finishes. If you have a lot of windows or a large window that allows a lot of natural light into your home, this tip is especially useful. As a result, your bathroom will have an airy and modern feel.

You can use concrete grey tiles or exposed brick next to your walk-in shower enclosure or roll-top bathtubs to create a sense of open space and high-quality modern products. These features can also be highlighted with the proper lighting – be sure to pair exposed materials in your bathrooms with spotlights!

Muted colour scheme

Choosing a colour scheme is going to be the most crucial part of your design. With the proper colour schemes, you can elevate the rest of your bathroom's elements to a new level. Make your life easier by picking a colour scheme that is easy to work with.

In place of bold, bright colours like red, many modern designs opt for a simple monochrome look instead. Keep your more vibrant ideas for bedrooms and living rooms – perhaps with a sofa – but keep the bathroom simple to achieve maximum modernity.

Single bathroom panel

A final tip for an ultra-modern bathroom is to install a bath with a single panel. Elegant and space-saving, these bath units are an excellent choice for small bathrooms. As previously mentioned, opening up your bathroom's flooring gives you an advantage in terms of extra square footage.

Consequently, this tip may be the most effective one for you. Check out online websites to get a sense of what a single-panel bath will look like.

Looking For Bathroom Designers?

Modern bathroom design ideas are endless. From wall-mounted fixtures to monochrome colour themes, making your bathroom look modern is easier now than ever before. Nonetheless, don't forget to pay attention to your bathroom's small details as well. Glass jars for cotton balls and swabs are an excellent alternative to plastic ones.

Make the room feel more luxurious by using decorative soap dishes and tumblers to hold your toothbrush and toothpaste. Even if you choose a more neutral colour scheme, you can still add some life to your bathroom by incorporating plants. Remember, modern does not equal basic. You can still get creative and add your own warm touches to make your bathroom feel like home.

Getting a bathroom makeover doesn't have to be drastic. All you might need are a few fixture additions (and clutter subtractions) to improve the look of your bathroom. This article has aimed to provide you with enough information to get a good idea of how you can make your bathroom appear more modern and stylish. However, nothing beats a professionally designed bathroom.

Expert bathroom designers can turn any bathroom into a contemporary haven. If you don't want to go through the stress of upgrading your bathroom by yourself, especially if you don't have the required handyman skills to do this, then don't hesitate to hire a local bathroom designer in your area to help. They can save you a whole lot of time and effort while bringing your dream bathroom to life.

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