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Renovate A Bathroom Affordably

Are you looking to renovate your plain and outdated bathroom in a budget-friendly way? Or are you thinking of how not to flush your finances down the toilet when budgeting for bathroom renovation? Well, in both of these cases, having well laid out plans to renovate your bathroom is necessary.

Furthermore, any good bathroom designer you may decide to work with will have a wide variety of ideas that you can implement to save money. We have composed the following tips to assist you if you’re looking for cheap bathroom renovation ideas.

Why Renovate Your Bathroom?

Unlike the bedroom makeover, making a classic bathroom seems like a basic need now. People are driving their money into getting bathroom renovations done. Plus, an outdated bathroom comes with a long list of problems like leakage or poor drainage of sanitary pipes.

This is why people are now open to renovating their bathrooms. So, let’s explore some more potential reasons to remodel or re-design your old bathroom.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Every part of your house plays an essential role in increasing its worth. So, why compromise on your bathroom when you have the opportunity to make it new again? The majority of real estate owners or investors check bathroom renovations whenever visiting a house that has been put up for rent or sale.

Thus, there are chances of selling your house below the prevailing market rates if you have an old bathroom. That is why experts suggest remodelling it without having any second thoughts.

Deterioration of Plumbing

Being a homeowner, you must know that every corner of your home needs care and renovation since a longer time span without renovating different places of your house, ranging from the bedrooms to the bathrooms, can cost you much more than you expect in the long run. For example, you need to change the showerhead and taps around your bath area at some point.

Ease of Cleaning

You can make your bathroom easy to clean by installing wall panels, shower doors, and many other accessories. No doubt, there are many bathroom remodel ideas that can help you get rid of the cleaning headache in no time. This is why renovating your bath area isn’t a bad idea.

Increased Storage

Currently, people love to integrate their vanities or dressing areas with their bathrooms. Thus, if you’re thinking the same, you have to change the whole bathroom feel. You will need to renovate everything from scratch, ranging from the infrastructure to its accessories. When renovating the bath portion, make sure to keep the sink faucet a bit larger than the previous one.

In addition to these, increasing the bathroom storage area seems like the most crucial reason for renovating the bathroom area. You can even make it a classic bathroom by putting in little effort.

Moneysaving Ideas For Remodeling Your Bathroom

Any skilled bathroom designer will be eager to share renovation cost saving tips to their client. Gone are the days when you had to pile the money just to make your bathroom worth looking at. There are many ways you can adapt to change its look from scratch.

Thus, to help you keep your saved money, we have gathered some essential points in the guide below. So, without any further ado, let’s get straight to the tips you need to ponder on when thinking of renovating your bathroom area.

Always Have a Plan

No one can afford to change plans in between renovations. It can cost the house owners far beyond their expectations. Not only this, recurrent delays in the remodelling process can ruin the excitement of having a newly furnished portion in your house. Sometimes or at some stages, in-progress processes are so challenging to rewind that they can cost you all your savings.

This is why the first and the foremost tip you should follow when renovating your bath area is to have a detailed bathroom renovation plan before starting the remodelling process. Many things come to mind at this point. You need to figure out how many people you have to hire to install the bathroom tiles, walls, and showers. What storage area do you expect from your new bathroom?

So, to do so, you have to make a list of the things that you want in the bath portion and what things you are thinking of cutting off. It not only saves time but also makes it easier for you to evaluate the amount of money you’ll need to change the structure and furniture of your bathroom.

Similarly, make sure to have a plan A and B about the type of plumbing accessories and furniture you want to install in the bathroom area. It can save you time researching the things required for bathroom makeovers.

Use Budget-Friendly Materials

Another important thing you need to consider is to get your hands on affordable accessories if you want to make the bathroom makeovers inexpensive. When thinking about changing the current look of your classic bathroom, you don’t have to replace the wooden floor. In addition to this, you can purchase reasonable shower doors and taps just to save your money.

Updating the essentials can fluctuate the estimated price. Not only this, but the cost of bathroom renovation also depends on your choice of the items required for renovation.

You can add vinyl flooring instead of wood planks, use granite stones for the shelves and countertops and choose faux stone or porcelain tiles for the walls. Plus, make sure to evaluate the things in the bath area. Do they need a replacement? If yes, then you can proceed to buy the items or materials.

Other than this, there is no need to spend excessive money on items that are good to go. However, if the tiles, walls, countertops, and showers are really worn out, you need to replace them instantly.

Keep the Flooring/Footprint Unchanged

Many homeowners use the terms remodelling and renovating interchangeably. Remodelling mainly refers to changing all bathroom details, whereas renovating isn’t related to changing all fittings in the bathroom. Thus, first, you must evaluate whether you want to remodel or renovate.

If you’re all set to renovate your bathroom, you can compensate with the footprint/flooring. Changing or removing your bathroom’s footprint can cost you a lot of money and time. It can make your project pretty hefty and time-consuming. That is why experts suggest not changing the flooring.

Changing the floor area requires a building permit by the authorities concerned. This process is pretty cost demanding. That is why if you want to get a cheap bathroom renovation, there’s no need to change such.

Furthermore, there are many other ways by which you can renovate this area even without changing the footprints. You can go with changing the fixtures, walls, shower doors, lighting, and other accessories. This way, you can save many labour hours by limiting the changing of footprints.

Refinish or Fix the Bathtub

Bathtubs are one of those most expensive bathroom accessories. If the tub is damaged to the extent that it can’t be repaired thoroughly, then you’ll need to replace it right away. You’re supposed to consider the replacement of the bathtub only when it is the last option left.

There’s a saying that goes, “Repair or retain and remove.” Thus, you need to act on this saying if you have a low budget. If you have a cosmetically damaged bathtub with yellow lines and cracks all over it, you can refinish it for sure. You can even paint it with water-resistant paint to make it look all new.

You can also give your tub a little touch when renovating your bath area. Make sure to spot-fix the tub if you don’t have any slight idea about nicks, gouges, or even peeling paint. You can also hire someone to do this (but it can cost you some more money).

Try porcelain repair when you have a physically damaged bathtub—no need to roam around the ceramic shops to get your hands on expensive tubs. You can make it look perfect by using toothpaste.

Get Involved in Remodelling

Regardless of the overall money you spend on bathroom makeovers; you have to pay labour at an hourly rate. Thus, it can cost you much higher than your expectations if you’re thinking of hiring a large team of labourers. The only solution to this concern is to do most of the work by yourself.

Here, it doesn’t mean to involve yourself in things you don’t have any idea to do. Only engage yourself in the activities that you have expertise in. The estimated cost of such labour per hour is about $65. You can save every $65 by working more hours each day. Make sure to watch some YouTube videos before performing any task to learn the dos and don’ts of bathroom remodelling. By doing so, you can prevent recurrent damages to the installed infrastructure.

There are many tasks in bathroom remodelling that you can do yourself. Some of them include tiling, painting, flooring, attaching the accessories, and installing lights and even plumbing fixtures. Most of these actions need trained labour to attain the professional touch. You can implement a DIY trick to perform some of these tasks by yourself.

You can also install a sink faucet, vanity unit, wooden floor and tile grouts, and even change the look of the bath area by involving yourself a bit. That is why home advisers are now emphasising that homeowners perform some of these tasks by themselves.

Don’t Spend Too Much on Countertops

No doubt, people prefer granite countertops when building bathrooms from scratch. But when you’re about to renovate the bathrooms, there is no need for you to change the countertops. Plus, you don’t have to purchase new granite countertops if the previous ones are damaged. With just a bit of research, you can get your hands on cheaper countertops for the faucets or sinks.

In addition to this, the online marketplace is full of alternatives for granite countertops. Don’t go for the options that are above your budget range or plan. You can also save a large amount of money by searching for countertop colours that aren’t common among buyers.

Marketplaces and shop owners set high prices for the colours of the countertops that homeowners significantly demand. You can also repair cracks or any damage done to the slab by hiring someone who has a good idea of how to improve the appearance of countertops.

Besides all these options, make sure to install minimal sink options in your bathroom. Undoubtedly, dresser sinks play the leading role in boosting the outlook, but they are pretty expensive compared to regular sinks. Thus, opt for getting a reasonable sink compared to the expensive ones.

Think Before Changing the Tiles

Tiles are an essential part of giving your classic bathroom a contemporary look. But you don’t have to rush when choosing the right type or amount of tiles since they can impact the overall cost of renovating.

Here’s one of the top tips to decorate a bathroom with tile arrangements. Make sure to invest your money in decorative tiles and purchase cheaper tiles to set them around. It will give a profound and thoughtful infrastructure to this part of your house. An exciting representation of the bathroom will be the result here.

Furthermore, you are not required to pull all tiles from the flooring or the walls. It is only necessary if some of the pre-installed tiles have cracks or damage.

Use Creativity on the Walls

Renovating or remodelling any corner of the house comes with a complete plethora of creative ideas. You can roam around to do things innovatively. A little change in the way of thinking can bring significant differences in the overall outlook of your bathroom. Thus, when painting the walls, use decent and light colours to light up the space.

The following options are great for painting an outdated bathroom.

  • Textured Effects: Don’t forget to give one of your bathroom walls a textured look. You can do this by using or merging two different paint colours. Many experts add the textured theme to bathroom walls. But, if you don’t want to hire anyone, you can use a sponge, rug, or a comb to add funky textures to the wall.
  • Faux Wallpaper: You don’t have to spend excessive money on faux wallpapers when you can get the same effects with paint. Without installing wallpaper, you can give walls a texture of wallpaper with minimal effort. You can paint the walls by using horizontal stripes or stencils.
  • Faux Tile: In addition to all these creative options, you can use the paint to create a faux tile effect on the walls. But one point to keep in mind here is that you’ll have to use the highest quality of sturdy porch paint to create the texture of faux tiles.

Install the Toilet by Yourself

The high rates of plumbers are no secret to anyone who is searching for bathroom ideas for renovation. When you’re trying to save your money on a bathroom remodel, avoiding plumbers can help. The primary reason behind this is the high pay demands of the plumbers for installing toilets and other plumbing parts.

If you’re strong enough to carry a toilet and experienced enough to install it, then give it a try. Try to switch out the toilet when thinking of purchasing a new one. No doubt, plumbing a bathroom needs significant effort and time, but you can watch video tutorials for installing them.

Furthermore, make sure to avoid the inconvenience of carrying a heavy toilet. You can purchase an inexpensive hand truck. This will help you to install it without investing too much time and effort. Besides the toilet, you can also do other plumbing tasks by yourself.

Try to move the water supply by changing the pipes yourself. It would typically drive down the cost for the renovation to a greater level.

Upgrade the Hardware and Fixtures

Besides all these tips and tricks, another thing you can adopt to make the bathroom renovations pocket-friendly is to carefully upgrade all hardware and fixtures in the bathroom rather than doing a complete overhaul. After all, the minor changes in the bathroom infrastructure can make significant differences in the outlook of the final result.

When choosing the bathroom hardware, make sure to check around to get a proper insight into the standard rates. Other than this, you can install open shelving in the bathroom to increase the storage space. Thus, you don’t have to bear the expenses of installing cupboards or other forms of storage.

When it comes to renewing vanity options, you can use the brushed nickel and copper options for a better outlook. When you’re done with painting the walls, make sure to install matching floorings to avoid a vague appearance for your bathroom. It’s also pretty essential to change any damaged switches to prevent short circuits in the electrical plates and plugs.

Last but not least, you can get rid of any cracks by re-caulks and re-grouts. You can also make your sink, shower, and tiles look new by brushing them thoroughly with a strong cleaning solution. Not everything needs to be replaced.

Get Ready To Renovate Your Bathroom

Now that you’re aware of these great tips to save your money while renovating your bathroom area, money shouldn’t stand in between your creative bathroom renovation ideas and bringing them to reality. A bathroom designer who knows their onions can help you maximise your renovation plans and make the best out of your budget. Contact one near you to prevent any renovation accidents and unnecessary costs you may not be aware of.

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